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Commercial Skylights Sunrooms



Litra Skylight Sunrooms

Skylight Sunrooms provide an excellent housing solution for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space

Motorized Enclosures

First Class


Litra Motorized Enclosures

With a simple click you can open your Retractable Enclosures and enjoy the warmth of the sun

Patio Cover

Garden Roof


Litra Patio Covers

With Patio Covers You can create an additional insulated room for your business

Pergola Awning



Litra Pergola Awning

The Pergola Awning is a newly designed aluminium pergola suitable for covering commercial places

Pergola Roofs



Litra Pergola Roof

The Pergola Roof is a Retractable Pergola that can be motorized or manual

Pool Cover

Pool Cover


Litra Pool Enclosures

Our Pool Enclosures are designed specifically for sport facilities and swimming pools

Lateral Enclosures



Litra Lateral Enclosures

Lateral Enclosures installed with retractable awnings are an excellent solution for creating an extra room

Vertical side Enclosures



Litra Vertical Side Enclosures

Our Vertical Side Enclosures are vertically sliding awnings composed of an aluminum structure

Wind stop Awnings

Wind Stop


Litra Wind Stop Awnings

The Wind Stop Awning is a perfect solution in all situations when wind resistant coverings are required

Litra Retractable Roofs , Sunrooms , Patio Covers

With LITRA USA Motorized Retractable Roofs you can attract guests all year round and enjoy the……

outdoor feeling.

LITRA USA is the sole manufacturer and installer of revolutionary motorized retractable roof systems offering unique solutions for many applications including hotels, roof top enclosures , night clubs, restaurants, spas, resorts, wedding and outdoor ceremonial service areas as well as for residential homes, apartments, condominiums, or other dwellings.
The company is international and manufactures and install Custom Made Retractable Roofs, Sunrooms, Patio Covers and Retractable Enclosures of big dimension World Wide.
For all our retractable roofs we own a worldwide patented, unique in all of America, offer all season and all weather protection as well as enhancing the appearance and ambiance in a modern and previously unavailable way. In short, our retractable roofs can withstand hurricane winds, large snow loads, feature lateral removable panels for horizontal protection from high wind and rain.
Dream that you can encompass a climate control retractable roof is now possible with LITRA
Who is going to offer so much? Of Course LITRA. Get a free quote now.
The company offers a broad range of products. Please visit our products page.

Our retractable roofs can be motorized or manual to cover an area as quickly as weather can change.
Fully Winterize with a special insulated roof material. With this, no business with an outdoor entertainment area needs to lose business or revenue and can accommodate smokers as well. In fact, with our retractable enclosure systems, many restaurants and clubs effectively increase their business as they make use of their outdoor areas much more effectively than ever before. With LITRA Retractable Roofs, Sunrooms and Patio Covers The return of investment is quickly realized in a short time. For a residence with a pool, they experience a greater return on their pool enclosure investment with an increase in its seasonal use with our retractable roofs. Same for a hotel by adding to their clientele accommodation. Wedding centers can advertise that their weddings won’t suffer due to sudden weather change . One important feature of our systems is that they can be demonstrated to be fully removable and therefore not classified as a permanent structure or permanent building addition. This is typically very helpful in obtaining clearance from town, city and state requirements.
LITRA retractable roofs and enclosures are designed to maximize and make fancy your properties such as rooftops , restaurants, hotels, night clubs, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.
We know that countless commercial and residential place wants to get profit of the out-door space of his property.
We offer you very high valued rang of retractable enclosures and high quality with our revolutionary motorized retractable roofs so that you will get better as versatile, long lasting and, with LITRA retractable enclosure the return of investment is guaranteed!
Choose the right LITRA products for you from our broad range of retractable roof systems.

Our team of engineers and architects makes continuous improvement and innovation in order to offer the best quality,healthy environment , safety , long lasting that allow us to meet the most sophisticate customers needs to achieve “zero defect, zero complaints” as the best solution.
LITRA, Expanding your Living Space.

First Class | Retractable Roof


LITRA USA First Class motorized retractable enclosures are for season protection systems and an idea for luxury hotel, luxury restaurant...

Motorized Enclosure | LITRA USA

Patio Covers

Garden Roof | Patio Enclosures


LITRA USA Patio Enclosure is a manually operated telescopic covering solution, ideal for...

Patio Cover | LITRA USA

Skylight Sunrooms



LITRA USA Skylight Sunroom is a telescopic motorized covering that you can open and close as you wish...

Skylights Sunrooms | LITRA USA

Pergola Awnings


Pergola Awning is a newly designed aluminium pergola suitable for covering commercial places...

Pergola Awning | LITRA USA

Pergola Roofs


The Pergola Roof is a self standing covering system in powder coated aluminium (aluminium pergola)...

Pergola Roof | LITRA USA

Pool Enclosures

Pool Cover

LITRA USA Pool Enclosures are designed for sport facilities and swimming pools...

Pool Enclosures | LITRA USA

Lateral Enclosures


The Lateral Enclosures (lateral panels) are made of a powder coated aluminium structure ...

Lateral Enclosures | LITRA USA

Vertical Side Enclosures


LITRA USA Vertical Side Enclosures are vertically sliding awnings composed of an aluminum structure ...

Vertical Side Enclosures | LITRA USA

Wind Stop Awnings

Wind Stop

The Wind Stop Awning is a windbreak, a perfect solution in all situations when wind resistant coverings ...

Wind Stop Awnings | LITRA USA
First Class Hotel Enclosure
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Hotel Enclosures

Install a telescopic covering over your hotel patio or as a protection for the breakfast veranda and make your outdoor living space in screened-in porch in quickly time.

Fist Class Restaurant Enclosure
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Restaurant Enclosures

Our Restaurant Enclosures can dramatically improve the look of your restaurant. With our retractable enclosures, your restaurant will not lose business on your outdoor restaurant seating.

Fist Class Retractable Roofs Stadium
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Retractable Roof Stadiums

Litra USA is manufacturing and installing revolutionary retractable roof systems for baseball stadiums or other professional sports stadiums.

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