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Published on: January 21, 2015

LITRA Retractable roof

You make a difference with our Retractable Roof!

Retractable Roof

Do you have a space you want to use throughout the year, but you can’t due to bad weather? Now you can! With Retractable Roof by LITRA. Do you want to enjoy the sun and the heat, but already covered your pool or terrace? Now you can! With our Retractable Roof. LITRA Retractable Roof opens and close very easily or can be (un)installed almost effortlessly. Do you live in a culturally protected city and the authorities don’t let you to add structure to your hotel or in your garden roof? Now you can! With our Retractable Roofs. The Retractable Roof by LITRA. is completely removable and therefore is not classified as a permanent structure or as a permanent addition to the building.

Retractable roofs

Our Motorized system can be used either in residences or in shops, can be applied in an apartment or in a hotel, in a house or in a restaurant, in the pool of your garden as in the sports pool club of the neighborhood, etc .. Whatever the area to cover, our Retractable Roof covers!
Do you live in extremely hot or cold areas? It rains a lot? There are moisture problems or condensation? You will have no problems with these inconveniences with LITRA Retractable Enclosures will have an indoor climate system, allowing you to maintain the temperature you want. The LITRA Retractable Enclosures is constructed with a rainwater drainage system, with no rainwater accumulation on the exterior of coverage and it is constructed with high-quality materials that don’t encourage air condensation inside.

Retractable Enclosures

With our Retractable Roofs you will not be afraid of hurricanes or torrential rains which shall come you know you are protected. Our Retractable Roof is built with materials that minimize the infiltration of UV rays preventing the greenhouse effect in the area covered.

Motorized Enclosures

The fact that the Retractable Enclosures by L.I.TRA. be a fixed third and the slide rest offers you the possibility to enjoy your space whatever the weather! With oru Retractable Enclosures you can be peaceful even when the weather is unstable, because very quickly you close your coverage: clicking a button. The Retractable Enclosures by L.I.TRA. can be motorized (opening and closing automatically)!

With a Retractable roofs by L.I.TRA. your space will be appreciated both economically and aesthetically. The design of our retractable enclosures is elegant, modern, sophisticated and respects the environment.
You have an area to cover but don’t know how … contact us! The L.I.TRA. team will find the perfect solution for you: no defects and no complaints!

Retractable Roof Systems

Patio Covers, enhances your living space

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Published on: October 6, 2014

LITRA Patio Cover for your Business or your Home


Have you ever thought about your garden as a beauty to be used for four seasons?
The garden is very important attraction, appreciated by many people who frequently visit your place. Often ignored a garden well exploited can guarantee positive consequences charming the attention of potential customers.

Patio Cover System

LITRA USA engineers thinking of the beauty of the garden have developed new garden roof with a new innovative, revolutionary and Customizable system.

Patio Cover

other ideas

The standard version of Patio Enclosure is 50% fixed (fixed enclosure) and 50% telescopic (telescopic enclosure). Therefore, it manually opens and closes halfway.
Place to relax, if you’re at home or in a local the patio room is increasingly used, but in cold weather if not covered is unusable.
In Hotel, restaurants, etc., Outer space is synonymous of quality (When we saw a beautiful garden, we thought: how nice it will be her home?), and this is why we want to offer you the chance to not give up anything.
Visit our Website and not give up anything. Our products guarantee immediate gain. Don’t miss this opportunity.

LITRA Patio Covers.
The LITRA USA Patio Covers are built with insulated roof panels, and aluminum structure (Aluminum Sunrooms). LITRA USA installed and guaranteed our products. LITRA patio covers are resistant to rain (Patio Screens for Rain Protection), wind (Patio wind screen), and give and home owners and business owners the opportunity of outdoor living spaces. The interior of LITRA garden roof system warms quickly in sunlight, even on cold days. The upper covering can be transparent or opaque and, on request it is possible to install additional systems such as the Stratustex system (anti-condensation system), thermal insulation system, soundproofing System etc.
Visit the LITRA USA Pinterest profile and see our pictures. LITRA USA Pinterest


Sunrooms, Motorized System

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Published on: September 30, 2014


You will bring sunshine in your life with LITRA Sunrooms

Skylight sunroom motorized enclosures System

Have you ever imagined of watch the sun in winter?
Have you ever dreamed the outdoor feeling?
Would do you like to enjoy the sun in winter?
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Every season is a good season for enjoying the sun and now is possible with LITRA Skylights Sunrooms.
Our engineers with more years of experience and skill have designed the new prototype of Sunroom roofs.

Sunroom Roofs

What’s New?
• Completely customized.
• 2/3 of the structure is retractable.
• The retractable sunrooms system is completely motorized.
• Our structure is only aluminum that never rust.
• Our covering materials is highly resistant transparent PVC or Polycarbonate.

Our sunrooms also have:
Durable and resistance structure, wind resistance, snow resistance for the USA winter and also 100% waterproof etc.(visit our website for more info).
Assured one day of sun at your family or your business, with the LITRA Sunroom roof products is now possible.
LITRA like our customer and our work and more years ago has decided to begin one department of engineering on here structure and now after 56 years we have the best solution for Transparent Retractable Roof Systems, Patio Enclosures, Skylights and Sunrooms or even: Pool Enclosures and Retractable Roofs Stadium.

Four season Sunroom.. Litra Sunroom Style

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Published on: September 17, 2014

Litra retractable sunroom

an example of Patio Sunroom
Skylights Sunrooms

LITRA is a company manufacturing competitive and appreciate motorized enclosures for different types of open-spaces for different occasions such as outdoor dining and outdoor activities during all the seasons of the year.

Our motorized retractable roofs are designed to maximize and embellish your properties such as roof tops, restaurants, hotels, night clubs, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing


another Sunroom Enclosure

Skylights Litra sunrooms


We know that everybody wants to get profit of the out-door space of his property .

We offer you a reasonable price and high quality with our revolutionary motorized retractable roofs so that you will get what you want such as

versatility, long lasting and much more.   You can open or close your

out-door space us you please with LITRA motorized retractable enclosures.

Inside our motorized retractable roof you will feel comfortable without being disturbed by the condensation, the rain, the sun or the wind, offering you protection against humidity and UV rays, high resistance to earth-quakes, hurricanes, insulation, soundproof. Plus a beautiful design, elegance, freshness and so on.

LITRA motorized retractable roof can be installed in residential buildings such villas, penthouses, outdoor gardens.

With our retractable enclosures we can ensure you an out-door feeling The L.I.TRA retractable roof systems are highly valued by the costumers that bought our products because they create optimal complement to their businesses giving them the reliability and the protection they need.

Also they are very resistant to powerful winds, very easy to install and remove. Since the beginning of our company we use very strong material such as transparent polycarbonate and very long lasting aluminum structure.


We are very satisfied by our products and we hope you will be the same. We make continuous improvement and innovation to meet the customers needs in

order to obtain   “zero defect, zero complaints” as the best quality


The winter is coming, protect your business whit our Motorized Enclosures.

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Published on: September 12, 2014

Good evening to all, we write today to introduce our winter solution for your business.

If come in the winter ice, snow and wind arrive causing problem at your business, we propose a solutions. With the Litra USA motorized enclosures you leave all problem relative at winter season.

Choose the Litra Motorized Enclosures and save your profits..

Do you have a Restaurant, hotel or banquet hall? Use our roofs for garden and don’t renouncing at the beauty of your garden.

Fulfilled customer and increase your revenue with Litra USA motorized enclosures. Our product are guaranteed versus wind(aluminum structure that provides utmost security) and snow(whit a system can withstand heavy snow loads)

examples of Litra USA motorized retractable roofs:

motorized enclosures
LITRA motorized enclosures

Don’t miss the opportunity to have the best, use Litra products and increase your profits.

Surprise your customers: our motorized enclosures open and close just touching a button allowing the roof to move us you please.

Don’t miss our winter offers visit and ask for free estimates.

Other contacts:




Enclosure your life. Motorized enclosures and roofs for garden, pool, residential and commercial.

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Published on: September 9, 2014

Here we are, we write you to present the Litra products.

Litra is a company leader in motorized enclosures, roofs garden, pool enclosures, Hotels and Restaurants enclosures, roof stadium etc.. We work in this field since many years and our products is designed and manufactured with Aluminum which guarantees durability, and strength at light weight. Our enclosures is motorized(All motors used for our covering systems are certified UL 1004 – Electric Motors for the USA, CSA C22.2 No. 100-95 for Canada and CEE for Europe) and every single part of L.I.TRA. USA motorize retractable roofs has been tested to guarantee the higher efficiency and safety.

The characteristics of our products are:  has Excellent snow resistance, High wind resistance, salt resistance, noise reduction and obviously 100% waterproof and no condensation.

an example of our products:

Motorized enclosures and roofs for garden, pool, residential and commercial.


Do you have a company and you are looking for a enclose ? if you aren’t happy of your existing cover, choose L.I.TRA. USA retractable roof and you make sure you have the best products  because the Litra enclosures system is been tested to ensure the utmost efficiency and reliability. All components are designed by our engineering department in order to make sure we best fits your needs.


Do you want cover your garden, or your pool, or your  hotel or restaurant? Choosing the reliability of Litra USA products ensure the best quality guarantee for you and your business. We realize our roofs fully customized just for you. What are you waiting?

Choose the better, choose Litra.. Expanding your Living space.

If you want more info visit our website

Enjoy your new retractable enclosures and roof for you and your business, join on the Litra family, reliability and quality always for you.

Litra Skylights – The future for your Business

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Published on: November 20, 2012

Selected outdoor places with location on the rooftop of a building are most suitable to be covered with Litra Skylights. Such small spaces come to be the right destination for the skylights when compare with the sunrooms as similar to them.

With their orientation towards the nature capture, either concerning the view, the natural light or the fresh air, the skylight gains the preferences of the people to use them in places of entertain. Though basically the skylight is aimed to protect the outdoor area from rain, wind, snow or strong solar rays, they accomplish this purpose in a more beautiful way than already known.


Litra Skylights
Litra Skylights

What can be more enjoyable than take a cup of coffee on a terrace at the top of the building in a warming and beautiful ambience created with a skylight? Your spare time will be felt full of delight. You will have the chance to watch the sky through the transparent material while sitting on the table under protection from bad weather. The natural light also embraces the place because the transparent material allows to disseminate the light. The terraces will be very much visited all seasons due to this improvement. With clients on the terrace even in cold weather, the businesses reach a much bigger turnover.

The performance of our skylights is supported by our patent that is internationally recognized. You can be sure about their high quality and all the promised benefits. Our brand guarantees for all these.

The difference on the market is already made with no doubt due to our patent. Actually our product is unique in the covering field. It provides the highest protection on the market, it is retractable and can be motorized. The last technologies equip our skylight as to make it the product that answers all the people’s needs in the area.

Litra Skylights
Litra Skylights

The people appreciate that they find the cover that can be used only when necessary due to its retractable feature. The skylight will be opened and closed according to the weather changes. The motorized option brings the comfort that people expect when wish to operate very easy the skylight. And the expectations are really meet because with a simple click the skylight can be opened or closed.

The shapes and dimensions of our skylights will be created for each particular place. We will try to put our creative solutions in accordance with the desires of the clients.

Litra skylights will transform the place in a more attractive one. The pictures of the product are proves for the beautiful projects that we are able to realize.


The Conservatory of LITRA

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Published on: November 19, 2012

A conservatory appears to be a term used mostly in UK for the product that is commonly called sunroom, though it could have particular architectural elements specific to the region.

As a construction attached to a building and composed from translucent material for more than 75 per cent of the roof and more than 50 per cent of the wall areas, the conservatory represents a way of enclosing the outdoor space with the aim to provide an alternative for spending time. With its arched roof as part of a different design, the conservatory keeps the attention and gains the preferences of the customers with good tastes.

The Conservatory of  LITRA
The Conservatory of LITRA

Patio, garden, terrace, veranda or any outdoor space next to a building are places that can be transformed with our conservatory in more attractive ones. When you enclose them taking care of how they look, you will be delighted to spend time within the area and other people also to visit and come back.

Actually, why would you consider spending time in a conservatory and not only in a regular building? Because spending time outside in the middle of the nature is what people enjoy mostly in their spare time and the conservatory is their chance to do it without fear they could be injured by the bad weather. Our product offers protection from rain, wind, snow or solar rays, leaves the natural light to disseminate inside and offers views to the surrounding landscape. And if an interesting design boosts the ambiance then you live the content and fulfillment of wellbeing. That is how we present the purpose of our conservatory.

With more resistant capacity, retractable feature and motorized operation, our conservatory differs from other products on the market and this is visible at a first analyze. As a whole, the product was internationally patented and every important feature is a point of strength that is guaranteed in this way. The patent is recognized with the name of M.A.N.T.T./M.A.S.A.W and incorporates many discoveries. We conceived an engineering system that consists in multi-layered insulated system for a gradual increasing in the protection provided. A branch of the patent was dedicated to the devices that can offer extra benefits in case of special unbearable weather conditions as following: a snow melting device and built-in water canalization for snow, a seismic device useful in seismic areas and an anti-hurricane system resistant to winds up to 240 km/h.

We use high technology to build this product that belongs to modernity. With telescopic system and motorization, the opening and closing is very easy to effectuate.

Our conservatory extends the building in the outdoor area adding style and functionality.

Sunrooms with option to Open Roof – the Retractable Roof of Litra

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Published on: November 13, 2012

Litra Sunroom is that product which makes an improvement to your home or business covering your outdoor space. The settlement changes its architecture with a Litra sunroom. It is transformed in a more enjoyable and functional property. Because you need to protect your outdoor spaces, our company promises to do this in an beautiful way and adding more functionality.

We think that you need to spend spare time in the relaxed atmosphere of a place next to your building that allows you to admire the nature around in safeness. We think that you need to make more money from your property as you own outdoor spaces that could be exploited. Our company is ready to give you more satisfactions with minimum investment.

To invest in a Litra sunroom is just a matter of choice for a viable alternative of development, at hand and very simple. At a first glance, you can realize that the return of investment will be get in a short time.

Practically, our sunrooms will cover the outdoor space protecting from solar rays, wind, rain or snow. With lateral panels in addition, the places can be totally enclosed for cold season use or other temporary extremes of bad weather. The sunroom is almost like a new room but this one is independent from the building and is built with transparency to have a view of the natural surroundings.



The transparency of the material is the key concept of the product architecture. We have also a variant of design with part transparent and part opaque. You can watch under protection the natural beauties through the transparent material. Moreover, this element of design and all the assembly is esthetic in the scenery.

Enclosing your terraces with our sunroom you can gain more clients because they will be more attracted to a place that offers them protection and more pleasant ambiance. Places of destination for our products can be hotels, restaurants or bars.

Why would you choose our sunroom among other products on the market with the same purpose? Because our sunroom is updated with many features that are not met in other products and has the best quality. Its quality is guaranteed with international patent. The sunroom is more resistant than other products; it can be retractable and motorized. Our company put at the client disposal all the options available : very strong transparent PVC or polycarbonate for the covering material, fixed or retractable roof, removable lateral panels, snow melting device for the roof, insulation for the roof and panels and so on. The client can select the options for the sunroom that he wish to acquire.

Our sunroom can be used all year round with trust.

It has advantages and benefits that will gain your appreciation. You will not find them all in any other product on the market.

Retractable Skylights Residential & Commercial by LITRA

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Published on: November 2, 2012

Our skylights cover outdoor spaces that usually are at the top floor and have the purpose to protect from bad weather while they let the natural light inside. The whole place is natural lighted because the skylight has a translucent cover material that disseminates solar rays inside. This is an advantage for human health and counts very much in the people’s choice.

The system, with which the retractable skylights are built, is the same patented system stated for all our range of products. The patent guarantees that the products are of very high quality and superior to all other existing products on the market. Our brand name is promoted through this patent that is internationally recognized. It made to appear more resistant and more comfortable covering products.

Retractable Skylights Residential & Commercial by LITRA
Retractable Skylights Residential & Commercial by LITRA

There are regions in the world where the climate is continuously changeable and unfavorable and spending time outside can be only a matter of adjustment to the weather with additional constructions. Our retractable skylights is what people need in this situations and are that simple type of temporary construction that doesn’t involve a complex process of installation and authorization. People will not suffer anymore that they are stopped to enjoy the nature around and feel its healthy spirit because our skylights will help them not to miss these pleasant moments. Our team conducted researches in years to find engineering solutions to all the problems and needs that people met regarding the weather and incorporated them in the products. We call our products innovative in the covering field for the present time.

Beautiful places were created to entertain and they can miss their clientele only due to the fact the rain or wind suddenly start and cause trouble. Our skylights can be the investment that makes your business to flourish and you can convince yourself about it only at first glance to our product.

Those terraces at the rooftops will be very much valued with retractable skylights above because they change the ambiance and during the bad weather let the people to admire the sky above with all between due to the translucent material.

Our skylights own the outstanding retractable feature. You have now the chance to open the skylight only when the bad weather occurs. In the rest of the time you can keep it closed and enjoy the nature.

When looking the pictures on the website, our retractable skylights will make you think that it worth to have one for your place. You get the comfort and safeness and furthermore a new design of the scenary that gives more style.

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