Retractable Canopies

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Published on: April 18, 2011

The M.A.N.T.T. Telescopic Enclosures and Trackless telescopic enclosures system are considered by our customers as an essential support for their businesses. It is the ideal solution for covering wide spaces such as terraces or patios of restaurants, hotels, private houses, resorts or swimming pools. With a simple click you can open your Telescopic Motorized Canopy or Telescopic awnings and enjoy the warmth of the sun, or close it completely in a few seconds, thus protecting your clients and yourselves from sudden weather changes. The choice is yours and yours alone now. The weather won’t ever decide for your clients’ comfort! Protected from wind, rain, snow and humidity, thanks to the thermic and acoustic isolation of our telescopic coverings you can live the sunshine when and how you prefer. Please, discover the great advantages of M.A.N.T.T. Telescopic Motorized Canopies and Telescopic Awnings system!



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