Retractable Roof Structures of L.I.TRA. USA

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Published on: August 6, 2012

The retractable roof is our specialty and we come on the market with novelties in the area as they incorporate our last technological discoveries. We improved their performance and make in this way more competitive products that are very much required. Comparing with other existing products on the market, our products are more resistant, offer much more protection and are more comfortable even in operation.

All the features that have the above results are parts of a system that is internationally patented and promote our brand. The patent is the successful recognition of our results in researches.

13-litra-usa-enclosures.jpg (800×533)

With retractable roof you can extend the building in the outdoor space and have in this way more functional space. It is a real gain for your wellbeing to spend more time in the nature with a covering protection from bad weather.

48-litra-usa-enclosures.jpg (600×400)

The satisfaction is amplified when you have the possibility to use the cover only when the bad weather starts. The desire to fully enjoy the nature when the weather allows and put the cover only to protect from rain, strong solar rays, wind or snow is a high motivation to acquire our flexible retractable roof.

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