Retractable Pergola Covers by L.I.TRA.

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Published on: October 22, 2012

We created pergola covers for clients who wish to be impressed by a special design. The tastes are more and more diversified and pergola comes to be a novelty for sophisticated tastes.

The pergola covers make a change in the scenery embellishing it with their folds that create a beautiful image. Terraces, gardens or other outdoor spaces will be transformed with our pergola into new places more modern that revaluate the beauty of the nature. Our pergola covers are designed to match every place and have an esthetic result.

Pergola Roof by L.I.TRA.
Pergola Roof by L.I.TRA.

The audience will be impressed by the colored folds of the pergola that gradually unfold over the head. The waving movement of the folds expresses warmth and tranquility. These effects will be dominant in the ambiance and will make people to be attracted in these places.

Once the people’s needs of safe and protection are accomplished, the esthetic and ambiance will just comfort your being. The high protection is guaranteed with the international patent that we hold. That is also a recognition for the high quality of our products.

Our discoveries in the covering field meet the people’s expectations. Simple roofs with many updates shelter people in safeness to admire the nature around. The pergola covers are the ones of them that moreover delight the view.

The aluminum structure that never rusts and the PVC cover with special pattern have a contribution to the building of the top product that is our pergola.

Like all of our products the pergola covers can be retractable, can be manual or motorized. When ever they wish, people can open and close the pergola either manual or automatically by pressing a button, up to their desire. The pergola is opened fold by fold according to the weather. At its maximum length it becomes flat and offers complete protection. Places of any size are suitable for our pergola.

Our pergola covers are the improvement that you need for your outdoor places. They bring both safeness and esthetic in your lives.

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