Telescoping Solarium Roofs

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Published on: October 31, 2012

Solarium denominates a product that belongs to the covering area and uses to have the terminology of sunroom. Though the names are similar, solarium is more used to describe a product with a roof mostly made from transparent material. It affords exposure to the sun, even in the corners. Besides the view, the solarium offers also warmth due to the way it is conceived.

We found this product appropriate to be developed with our technology. The aim is to provide a new enclosure solution for the terraces of the hotels, restaurant and bars. Our solarium is the product of the present time, more sophisticated in answering to all of the people’s desires and more performant.

While looking at the solarium like at a box of glass that can keep you far away from any aggressions, the product offers more protection than expected  from rain wind or snow, for both people and green plants. This is because the covering material is much more resistant than a glass though looks like it.


The transparency is the key core of a solarium that conducted to the idea of places illuminated by natural light. This enclosure can make a projection into the middle of the nature. Inside the solarium, you can only have spatial perception with the nature around. It is the feeling of a new dimension for spending pleasant time. The design belongs to modernity.

The protection from the bad weather is guaranteed with international patent. We build the products with this patent and promote with it a brand of trust and quality.

Either the terraces belong to private houses or to businesses, the improvement brings many satisfactions. For businesses it represents the value added that makes profit. The summer season is not the only one to entertain. Just a little investment can make a place functional in cold season too and in result the business to flourish. Spending time outside under protection is what the people are looking for all the seasons. That is what our solarium is made for.

Any requirement of the clients can find accomplishment with our company. We manufacture solarium to be suitable for each place.

The solarium owns important features that show it is distinctive. The product is retractable and can be motorized. With a simple click, it can be opened or closed as you wish. It’s important for people to put the cover only when the weather is bad.

Our products protect you all year round.

With our solarium, the nature is closer to you.

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