Sunrooms with option to Open Roof – the Retractable Roof of Litra

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Published on: November 13, 2012

Litra Sunroom is that product which makes an improvement to your home or business covering your outdoor space. The settlement changes its architecture with a Litra sunroom. It is transformed in a more enjoyable and functional property. Because you need to protect your outdoor spaces, our company promises to do this in an beautiful way and adding more functionality.

We think that you need to spend spare time in the relaxed atmosphere of a place next to your building that allows you to admire the nature around in safeness. We think that you need to make more money from your property as you own outdoor spaces that could be exploited. Our company is ready to give you more satisfactions with minimum investment.

To invest in a Litra sunroom is just a matter of choice for a viable alternative of development, at hand and very simple. At a first glance, you can realize that the return of investment will be get in a short time.

Practically, our sunrooms will cover the outdoor space protecting from solar rays, wind, rain or snow. With lateral panels in addition, the places can be totally enclosed for cold season use or other temporary extremes of bad weather. The sunroom is almost like a new room but this one is independent from the building and is built with transparency to have a view of the natural surroundings.



The transparency of the material is the key concept of the product architecture. We have also a variant of design with part transparent and part opaque. You can watch under protection the natural beauties through the transparent material. Moreover, this element of design and all the assembly is esthetic in the scenery.

Enclosing your terraces with our sunroom you can gain more clients because they will be more attracted to a place that offers them protection and more pleasant ambiance. Places of destination for our products can be hotels, restaurants or bars.

Why would you choose our sunroom among other products on the market with the same purpose? Because our sunroom is updated with many features that are not met in other products and has the best quality. Its quality is guaranteed with international patent. The sunroom is more resistant than other products; it can be retractable and motorized. Our company put at the client disposal all the options available : very strong transparent PVC or polycarbonate for the covering material, fixed or retractable roof, removable lateral panels, snow melting device for the roof, insulation for the roof and panels and so on. The client can select the options for the sunroom that he wish to acquire.

Our sunroom can be used all year round with trust.

It has advantages and benefits that will gain your appreciation. You will not find them all in any other product on the market.

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