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Published on: October 6, 2014

LITRA Patio Cover for your Business or your Home


Have you ever thought about your garden as a beauty to be used for four seasons?
The garden is very important attraction, appreciated by many people who frequently visit your place. Often ignored a garden well exploited can guarantee positive consequences charming the attention of potential customers.

Patio Cover System

LITRA USA engineers thinking of the beauty of the garden have developed new garden roof with a new innovative, revolutionary and Customizable system.

Patio Cover

other ideas

The standard version of Patio Enclosure is 50% fixed (fixed enclosure) and 50% telescopic (telescopic enclosure). Therefore, it manually opens and closes halfway.
Place to relax, if you’re at home or in a local the patio room is increasingly used, but in cold weather if not covered is unusable.
In Hotel, restaurants, etc., Outer space is synonymous of quality (When we saw a beautiful garden, we thought: how nice it will be her home?), and this is why we want to offer you the chance to not give up anything.
Visit our Website and not give up anything. Our products guarantee immediate gain. Don’t miss this opportunity.

LITRA Patio Covers.
The LITRA USA Patio Covers are built with insulated roof panels, and aluminum structure (Aluminum Sunrooms). LITRA USA installed and guaranteed our products. LITRA patio covers are resistant to rain (Patio Screens for Rain Protection), wind (Patio wind screen), and give and home owners and business owners the opportunity of outdoor living spaces. The interior of LITRA garden roof system warms quickly in sunlight, even on cold days. The upper covering can be transparent or opaque and, on request it is possible to install additional systems such as the Stratustex system (anti-condensation system), thermal insulation system, soundproofing System etc.
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