New York Today: Enjoy the “Spring Eternal” – Preventing the Winter

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Published on: November 6, 2015

Preventing the Winter without renouncing to enjot this hot and beautiful Fall season (Spring Eternal)

From few week, we read more articles that talk about this Spring Eternal.

From New York Time: “Call it the endless Indian summer. Easter in November. Either way, this sunny, balmy weather is weird — nice, but weird.”

We have fun because this long spring helps all us to enjoy the fall season with happiness.
Nevertheless, can we sleep for this?

When the true winter comes… Do you want to be caught unprepared?

  • The few rain will change with “Much rain”
  • The weak wind will change with “Strong Wind”
  • In addition, it is likely to snowing.
  • We hope that this spring eternal is really eternal, but we can suggest you some alternative for preventing the winter coming without renouncing to enjoy this fake-Spring.

    How can you take advantage from this hot Fall?

    For example, you can start to protect your outdoor space with a sunroom or with patio cover for taking the best from this hot fall and start to cover your backyard while wait for the cold.

    Again, you can take advantage of this hot temperature for renewing your business. For example, you can add a unique and elegant solution able to attract new customers during all year around, the Motorized Retractable Roofs (useful in summer and in winter).

    If you think that this spring is eternal, you can choose one of our special awnings. That help you to stay safe in your outdoor space thanks to UV rays protection that our awnings guarantee and in case of rain you have not any problem because these awnings are waterproof

    How do you think of this fall? We think that this is a nice opportunity to increase the value of your business or home and want offer a special offer for those who choose to request a free estimate during this “Spring Eternal” from 05/11/2015, you can get our retractable roof, our sunrooms and our patio covers with 15% off
    Who offer you more? Of course LITRA

    LITRA expanding your living space since 1958

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