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2016 Offers are begun, don’t miss it.

Retractable Roofs, Retractable Skylights, Retractable Pergola Covers and Retractable Pool Enclosures are available with a special offer for you.

Click one of our products above this text and take the right products for you.

Ideal for commercial and residential applications our products are the right choice for start well the new year.

LITRA 2016 offers are begun! Don’t miss it

High Wind and Snow arrive. Prevent it!

Protect your home and your business with an elegant and safe system

“High wind notices remain in actuality for parts of the northern Plains, and wind gusts to 100 mph or more have already been reported for in parts of Washington and Colorado as an intense low-pressure system whips up a huge zone of wind over the northwest and now north-focal segment of the contiguous U.S.”

And again

“A swath from northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota into Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois is covered by winter tempest watches issued by local National Weather Service offices. In the a significant part of the Upper Midwest, this implies a potential for no less than 6 inches of snow in 12 hours, or 8 inches of snow in 24 hours.”

This is the weather warnings issued yesterday for Washington, Colorado and other states. After the “Eternal Spring” the winter is coming…

The wind and the snow as every year arrive in USA but this year we can help you to protect your home and your business from these weather conditions.

how can you protect your property?

We can recommend you some products able to protect your home and your profits from:

  • Rain
  • High Snow load
  • Wind up to 120 mph
  • UV rays
  • and other weather conditions.

The power point of this products is that are ideal for any season. In winter thanks to their insulation you can heat the room and create a comfortable atmosphere for your family or your customers while in the winter you can open the roof (thanks to special sliding system) for enjoying the sun, refresh the room, or for surprise you customer, you can open the roof also for just watch the sky and relax yourself.

For commercial applications LITRA develop 3 special lines

  • Retractable roofs. The Luxury line developed for restaurant, bar, hotel, nightclubs and other business.
  • Commercial retractable Patio Covers. The outdoor protection developed for increase the business space and help you to increase your profits.
  • Retractable Skylight. Also called by our customers the windows on the sky that is a transparent retractable roof for indoor and outdoor.

For residential application LITRA as develop

You can also choose one of the other product for commercial or residential application

All our products are guaranteed for five years and are developed with high-quality material. We sold our product with composition 100% Quality Guaranteed and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

satisfaction guaranteed LITRA

Protect your home and your business from weather conditions and increase the value of your property with a touch of style.

Read more about our products from our website

Retractable Pool Roof, Retractable Pool Covers

Four season pool with LITRA Retractable Pool Covers and LITRA Retractable Pool Roof

When the winter arrive you need protect your pool. In the past and also now more people protect their pool with a rudimental covers that you need change from year to year.

The LITRA engineers have developed an innovative Retractable Pool Roof able to protect your pool from:

  • rain,
  • snow,
  • breeze,
  • UV rays,
  • wind up to 120 mph
  • other weather conditions,

in addition to block

  • insects,
  • bees,
  • wasps
  • etc.

What is a retractable pool roof?

This retractable pool roof is composed with a motorized or manual sliding roof that you can open or closed at your please (you can open during the summer for enjoying the sun while you can close in the winter for protecting your pool). Thanks to LITRA retractable pool roofs you can enjoy your pool all year around because our covers are able to create an insulated room if combined with our screen enclosures where you can install a heating system for using your pool during the winter.

Commercial and residential Retractable Pool Roof

The retractable pool enclosures by LITRA are developed with a high-quality aluminum structures and with strong PVC, Polycarbonate or Plexiglass covering material. Our Retractable Pool Covers (another name of our Retractable Pool Roof) aren’t considered permanent structures and aren’t subjected a some taxes.

This product are ideal for commercial but also for residential applications because are able to enchant your pool and turns it in a four season pool or, are able to increase your customers in your pool center or sport center.

With LITRA Retractable Pool Roof the return of investment is guaranteed! Those who choose to install our products increase their profits or add value at their home. All our products are guaranteed for five years by LITRA.

Choose now to protect your pool this year. Don’t wait anymore! Request a free estimate

The Retractable Enclosure of L.I.TRA. USA

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Published on: September 14, 2012

Our retractable enclosure is a novelty on the market with its performance and appearance. We developed new technological discoveries and brought them together in these new products. The result is more resistant, more protective and more comfortable products than other existing products on the market.        

Our company has expertise in retractable enclosure and this is reinforced with international patent. This patent is our property and guarantees for the quality of our products.


L.I.TRA. Retractable Enclosures
L.I.TRA. Retractable Enclosures

Our researches were successful and ended with solutions for all the problems ever existed in the covering field. The outdoor spaces can be covered now and become safe when the weather menaces to cause damages. The functional area of a property is extended in this way with more available sits during the bad weather occurrence. Terraces or gardens are more exploited when they are functional all seasons. Under our retractable enclosures people can spend pleasant time in safeness and enjoy the beauty of the nature. That is what our retractable enclosure is conceived for. Solar rays, rain or snow will not bother anymore when spending time outside, in the middle of the nature.

With a simple temporary structure, the moments in the nature can be enjoyable no matter the weather circumstances. Only a cover and no walls allow you to be connected with the nature while you are protected from rain, wind or snow.


L.I.TRA. Retractable Enclosures - Winter
L.I.TRA. Retractable Enclosures – Winter

Our products are retractable and that is an outstanding feature highly appreciated and desired. It is more comfortable to have the possibility to use the cover only when it is bad weather, case when the cover can be opened. In the rest of the time people will feel the nature entirely with no cover above because it can be closed. The retractable enclosure is operated manually or motorized. We wish to point out the benefit in comfort of the motorized option because the opening and closing it is made automatically with a simple click.

The improvement realized with our retractable enclosures is valued in terms of clients that are gained. Their number will rise because the places become more safe and attractive. Increases in revenues are implicitly and the return of investment will be quickly reached.


L.I.TRA. Retractable Enclosures - Roof Open
L.I.TRA. Retractable Enclosures – Roof Open

The design of our retractable enclosure is modern and transforms the place into a more stylish one. The existing elements of the nature are preserved in their beauty and the matching enclosure will just complement the scenery.

The ambiance is pleasant for the senses. Our retractable enclosure give you the comfort that you need.

Structures for winter and summer pools

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Published on: September 6, 2012

To use a pool in plain natural atmosphere it is a question of weather and when the climatic changes don’t allow you to do it anytime you can enclose it. With our pool enclosures the pools can be used any season or when suddenly the weather turns to bad because these products protect from strong solar rays, rain, wind or snow. Enclosing their pools the people get comfort, health and wellness.

Our company guarantees with international patent for the high quality of all what the pool enclosures perform.

Summer / Winter Pool Structures
Summer / Winter Pool Structures

The structure of the pool enclosure is in aluminum that never rusts and the cover combines opaque with transparent materials in a way that allows to disseminate the light and have a view outside in the nature.

Our pool enclosures are a safe product and in the same time amaze by their design.

Telescopic pool enclosures

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Published on: November 17, 2011

Pool enclosures are great, because they alow you to use your pool even in winter, increasing this way your income. Only enclosing the pool will be a problem for the summer, in this season you don’t need an enclosure.

L.I.TRA. has developed Telescopic Pool Enclosures. This pool enclosures alow you to adapt the pool for winter or for summer in just a few easy steps.

pool enclosures

You can select the motorized pool enclosure, which will use our motorized enclosure system. Or you can choose the manual pool enclosure (see pictures below).

Telescopic pool enclosures

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Published on: October 13, 2011

Having a pool is great. Even more when you have a business such a Hotel, because you can offer more advanatages to your clints. Also public pools are very visited during the hot summer.

But once winter is here you will stop having customers for your pool. It’s too cold.

With our system you can make the difference. Even if outside is rain, wind even snow, you don’t care. Whit our Telescopic Pool Enclosures you can let your customers come even if summer or winter.


Our Pool Enclosures are in two variants.

Motorized pool enclosures

motorized pool enclosures

Manual pool enclosures

manual pool enclosures

Retractable greenhouse pool cover

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Published on: October 10, 2011

Our pool enclosures are the best way to cover your pool. They offer you the best solution for running your business even in the cold season. They are ideal for hotels which provide a pool for their customers.

Our pool enclosures are available in 2 ways.

  1. Motorized Pool Enclosures

motorized pool enclosures

  1. Manual Pool Enclosures

manual pool enclosures

Swimming pool enclosures – swimming pools enclosures

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Published on: June 16, 2011

Swimming pool are a great way to relax or to make sport. It’s even recommended for you’re health to spend some time inside.

For hotels or watermarks swimming pools are also a great attraction.

But when winter is coming you cannot enjoy your pool anymore and businesses are going to lose because they don’t make any earnings during this period.


But with our swimming pool enclosures you can make the difference. This way you can completely enclose your pool and during the winter you can use it as in the summer season. In summer you can open the roof (the roof of a swimming pool enclosure is a sliding roof which can be manual or motorized.


See our gallery for more information about pool enclosures:


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