The Conservatory of LITRA

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Published on: October 11, 2012

We chose the conservatory to be a part of our offer because we found that it could be transformed in the way people ask to satisfy all their needs.

Though the terminology is UK usable, we can assimilate the product, which is denominated in this way, with the sunroom, commonly known in most of the other countries. The conservatory seems to have some architectural particularities related to the specific country.

The conservatory has the purpose to cover an outdoor area next to a building and it does this shaping the area in the same time. The result will be a new esthetic for the place. A general feature of the conservatory, that defines it, is the structure with translucent material for more than 75 per cent of the roof and more than 50 per cent of the wall areas. The material follows the arched roof. The place will be enclosed creating a new room to spend time within and watch outside the natural surroundings. The conservatory is like a new building made of lot of transparency that allows to have a completely view to the nature and feel like in the middle of it.


Our conservatory can make a patio, a garden, a terrace, a veranda or any outdoor space next to a building to be safer and look more attractive. For you, your family or your clients, a conservatory creates a new pleasant place for spare time. The living moments within the area are enjoyable and relaxant.

One consideration for this appreciation is that they offer protection from rain, wind, snow or solar rays. This is the main reason for which they were conceived. Litra Company improved the level of protection based on an engineering discovery. The system is patented and also includes other technological improvements as result of our discoveries.

Because you wish to spend time outside, you will find the conservatory more valuable for your life when you try to reach the mentioned desire. Inside a conservatory you can watch the nature around from every angle with no fear you could be injured. The natural light will also embrace you as it is allowed inside the conservatory.


Our conservatory proposes a high quality of the protection that you will not meet in other product on the market. This protection is done with a gradual increasing along a multi-layered insulated system. We added to the product other devices to face and solve hard weather conditions as following: a snow melting device and built-in water canalization for snow, a seismic device useful in seismic areas and an anti-hurricane system resistant to winds up to 240 km/h.

The product is different because it owns more features that are not usually met in one product. It is retractable and can be motorized.

All its features describe a product of style and functionality.

Skylights outdoor

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Published on: November 22, 2011

The outdoor skylights are the perfect accessory for every restaurant. They bring you great features into the restaurant such as natural light, fresh air (the skylights are using the retractable roof system, which allows you to open and close the roof), protection for your customers (you customers will be safe from rain, wind or any other bad weather).

skylights outdoor

The skylights of LITRA can also use lateral panels, this will help you to create a complete enclosure for your area, allowing you to use it even in winter.

Don’t lose in winter with outdoor sitting areas

If you have an outdoor sitting area, probably you can’t use it in winter time, but with our innovative system we can easily create new working spaces which will allow you to attract more customers all year round at any weather condition.


L.I.TRA USA makes innovative telescopic enclosures system for patios, verandas, outdoor facilities, etc.


Our system is admired and used by many European and American architects in their planning for producing moveable coverings which are windproofwaterproofsoundproofsnow meltinganti-seismicanti dew and humidity and insulated.


We can build a very beautiful with combination of style, elegance and high technology structure for you.


Retractable sunroof

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Published on: June 19, 2011

The sunroof is often related to our skylight system. A retractable sunroof is a skylight or sunroom that is using a retractable roof system (or sliding roof system). This will allow you to open and close the roof as you please. As an example you can open it when outside is sun and you can close it when rain or wind.

In ou sunrooms you can enjoy each day like being outside, the only difference is that you are protected from rain, wind snow and so on.


Enjoy being inside like outside.

See more information regarding sunrooms on our website.


Commercial skylights

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Published on: June 6, 2011

Functionality, solidity and elegance. These are the trademarks of L.I.TRA.’s Commercial skylights.

The system is ideal for terraces, for bars, restaurants and similar open space businesses. The main advantage is that you can offer to your customers a clear view to the sky and natural light inside the room.

Also you can chose between a fixed or sliding roof (this means that you can open or close the roof as your disserve). Another option on this system is the motorized equipment. You can select a manual sliding roof or one that is motorized.

See pictures and more details of our commercial skylights on the falowing link:


Roof skylight

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Published on: June 6, 2011

The Roof Skylight is a system which allows you the enjoy natural light inside your house. It’s often referred as a sunrooms or a solarium, and it is the ideal way to spend time at home and feeling like outside. You don’t care if outside is wind, rain, snow or any other bad whether, you can relax into your beautiful area.


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