Telescoping Solarium Roofs

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Published on: October 31, 2012

Solarium denominates a product that belongs to the covering area and uses to have the terminology of sunroom. Though the names are similar, solarium is more used to describe a product with a roof mostly made from transparent material. It affords exposure to the sun, even in the corners. Besides the view, the solarium offers also warmth due to the way it is conceived.

We found this product appropriate to be developed with our technology. The aim is to provide a new enclosure solution for the terraces of the hotels, restaurant and bars. Our solarium is the product of the present time, more sophisticated in answering to all of the people’s desires and more performant.

While looking at the solarium like at a box of glass that can keep you far away from any aggressions, the product offers more protection than expected  from rain wind or snow, for both people and green plants. This is because the covering material is much more resistant than a glass though looks like it.


The transparency is the key core of a solarium that conducted to the idea of places illuminated by natural light. This enclosure can make a projection into the middle of the nature. Inside the solarium, you can only have spatial perception with the nature around. It is the feeling of a new dimension for spending pleasant time. The design belongs to modernity.

The protection from the bad weather is guaranteed with international patent. We build the products with this patent and promote with it a brand of trust and quality.

Either the terraces belong to private houses or to businesses, the improvement brings many satisfactions. For businesses it represents the value added that makes profit. The summer season is not the only one to entertain. Just a little investment can make a place functional in cold season too and in result the business to flourish. Spending time outside under protection is what the people are looking for all the seasons. That is what our solarium is made for.

Any requirement of the clients can find accomplishment with our company. We manufacture solarium to be suitable for each place.

The solarium owns important features that show it is distinctive. The product is retractable and can be motorized. With a simple click, it can be opened or closed as you wish. It’s important for people to put the cover only when the weather is bad.

Our products protect you all year round.

With our solarium, the nature is closer to you.

The Conservatory of LITRA

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Published on: October 11, 2012

We chose the conservatory to be a part of our offer because we found that it could be transformed in the way people ask to satisfy all their needs.

Though the terminology is UK usable, we can assimilate the product, which is denominated in this way, with the sunroom, commonly known in most of the other countries. The conservatory seems to have some architectural particularities related to the specific country.

The conservatory has the purpose to cover an outdoor area next to a building and it does this shaping the area in the same time. The result will be a new esthetic for the place. A general feature of the conservatory, that defines it, is the structure with translucent material for more than 75 per cent of the roof and more than 50 per cent of the wall areas. The material follows the arched roof. The place will be enclosed creating a new room to spend time within and watch outside the natural surroundings. The conservatory is like a new building made of lot of transparency that allows to have a completely view to the nature and feel like in the middle of it.


Our conservatory can make a patio, a garden, a terrace, a veranda or any outdoor space next to a building to be safer and look more attractive. For you, your family or your clients, a conservatory creates a new pleasant place for spare time. The living moments within the area are enjoyable and relaxant.

One consideration for this appreciation is that they offer protection from rain, wind, snow or solar rays. This is the main reason for which they were conceived. Litra Company improved the level of protection based on an engineering discovery. The system is patented and also includes other technological improvements as result of our discoveries.

Because you wish to spend time outside, you will find the conservatory more valuable for your life when you try to reach the mentioned desire. Inside a conservatory you can watch the nature around from every angle with no fear you could be injured. The natural light will also embrace you as it is allowed inside the conservatory.


Our conservatory proposes a high quality of the protection that you will not meet in other product on the market. This protection is done with a gradual increasing along a multi-layered insulated system. We added to the product other devices to face and solve hard weather conditions as following: a snow melting device and built-in water canalization for snow, a seismic device useful in seismic areas and an anti-hurricane system resistant to winds up to 240 km/h.

The product is different because it owns more features that are not usually met in one product. It is retractable and can be motorized.

All its features describe a product of style and functionality.

Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures by LITRA

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Published on: October 10, 2012

The terraces of hotels, restaurants or bars can be enclosed to be protected from strong solar rays, rain, wind or snow.  Businesses will gain value enclosing their terraces with sunrooms. The owner will find profitable this investment because the clients will be more attracted to a safe place with a new design. When you host your customers outside in completely safeness, not eliminating the pleasure of enjoying the nature around, you can make them to love the place and gladly return.

With the transparency of the covering material, the sunrooms meet the preferences of the clients for any season use because the pleasure of watching the natural surroundings in any weather conditions is a desired benefit. It is comfortable to watch outside the landscape in rainy or snowy days when you stay relaxed in a safe place. You can make for you or for your clients this kind of places in the simplest way because our sunrooms are the simplest solution at hand.

Litra Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures
Litra Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

The fact that the sunrooms can make the open spaces to function in cold weather will draw the attention of business owners. Why not to get more profits in winter too like you do in summer season. With our sunrooms you can reach this goal.

Your needs are satisfied with our sunrooms because they are of high quality and are equipped with the last technologies in the area. Our team worked in years to make researches and put all the results together in new products that presently are the most competitive on the market by their performance. All our discoveries are internationally patented and represent the guarantee for the quality of our product. With the patent that it holds, our product makes radically the difference.

Our sunrooms are made particularly for every place and any requirement of the clients. We have available different options at your choice: very strong transparent PVC or polycarbonate for the covering material, fixed or retractable roof, removable lateral panels, snow melting device for the roof, insulation for the roof and panels and so on.

The snow is no more a disturbance because our system is heavy snow load proof. Concerning the wind menace, the system is able to resist to strong winds and medium intensity earthquakes.

Our company is able to manufacture and install sunrooms for home and also for commercial.

The sunrooms are retractable and motorized that make them once more to be different.

You can use in confidence our sunrooms all year round.

Their advantages and benefits will convince you to choose them. You have only to test them!

Creative Sunrooms at L.I.TRA. USA

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Published on: September 10, 2012

Our Sunroom is the creative solution for those who want to exploit at best their outdoor space (patio, terrace or garden). For the fact they offer total protection from wind, rain, sun and so on, the sunroom has a big advantage compared with the fix awnings.

We build our sunroom with very good materials like aluminum for the structure and highly resistant PVC, polycarbonate and Plexiglas for the cover. At a big scale the sunroom is made from removable sliding modular panels.

Sunroom additions can be equipped with a motorized system that makes the operation easy to effectuate just by pressing a button. In this way, businesses such as restaurants, bars, pubs, banquet halls, reception halls and hotels will find our products to be ideal for their development.

Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.
Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.

Our sunroom ideas had results in products that are anti-seismic and anti-hurricane. These performances were tested and proved to be indestructible.
Other important features of our sunrooms related to their effect of protection are the following:  waterproofresistant to UV rays and protection from pollution. Because they put a barrier to every harmful factor they create inside a pleasant atmosphere.

We use for our sunroom (solar roofing systems) a system that collects the water from rain or snow and drains it into the public canalization. The place inside the sunroom is protected in this way and you will not be touched by water.

Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.
Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.

The price of the sunroom is function of dimensions and every improving feature except for waterproof, long lasting, retractable, motorized, UV protection, hurricane resistance, anti seismic, removable, wind resistant, which are by default.

The sunroom is opened and closed with a sliding movement of the parts using a rail system.

We make available for choice 2 options: the fixed sunrooms patio enclosures and the similar product that is motorized.

We can produce the sunroom with the availability for opening side by side or from the center to the side. When you need to enclose the place totally we offer lateral panels in addition to the sunroom. With the lateral panels you will create a place that can attract customers even in the cold season.

Our sunroom can be equipped with an awning for shade that is added in the interior part. Houses, swimming pools, a hot tub, Jacuzzi or gardens will become with our sun tunnel or solar roof the pleasant ambiance where to spend nice living moments hiding in the shade from too strong solar rays.

Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.
Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.

The design of our polycarbonate roofing systems is in compliance with the M.A.N.T.T and M.A.S.A.W patented system.

Our professional team of architects is ready to put at your disposal sunroom plans and sunroom pictures and offer consultancy from the beginning till the end of your project to get you completely content.

With Sunrooms kits you will add a cover to your property as easy and simple as you can’t imagine a construction can be added. With a sunroom improvement your house will have style. Moreover, your open spaces will be much more effective when using them for relax even when the weather is bad.

You will feel inside a sunroom like in the middle of the nature (see pictures of sunrooms). 

The New Generation of Sunrooms at LITRA USA

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Published on: December 7, 2011

Our sunrooms represent indeed the New Generation of Sunrooms.

This product is ideal for businesses like a terrace of a hotel, a restaurant or a bar. Adding a sunroom to your terrace will give you the opportunity to host your customers outside and make them feel protected and safe as inside. Furthermore, our sunroom enclosures are of top high quality and are a guarantee for the high standards of their features.

Since your business minimizes the profits in cold weather, LITRA USA comes with the solution to expand your business with an incentive for your clients to visit you no matter the weather conditions. You can raise the client’s number by making the most of your space with sunroom enclosure. Also, you will keep your old clients close in fidelity to your free time offer by making your terrace to function in cold weather too.

The natural beauties of your place are preserved to be admired from inside a covered space too and the risks for your clients to be disturbed either by instant changes in weather conditions or by cold weather are canceled.  Thus, you can open and close the roof and you can also have natural light on your terrace. These sunrooms ideas came up to create greenhouses for people who love the nature.

Have you ever faced up to the situation of finding a solution to move the clients in the indoor space due to the unexpected weather conditions? I think it’s difficult to pass through this situation and put your client’s needs and comfort in line with your business availability. The space limit will not bring satisfaction to your clients and you can lose them. A comfort solution like a sunroom will bring many benefits to your brand image and will make the clients not to choose other places.

Combining a sunroom with an awning, we offer an interesting option up to client’s desire. With a special fabric you can provide shade to your area. The awning is independent from the roof and operates semiautomatically. The system consist in operating some ropes in order to open, stop and close the awning when you pull, tie or release the rope.

For hot days in summer you can open the roof and roll out the awning. If it is not hot, but you still need shade because of the strong sun you just open the awning. In night you can let the roof open or closed and admire the stars. Furthermore, you can enjoy the advantage of this system in winter too.

Experience the great advantage of our best sunrooms on your house. Experience four seasons living and many other features like never seen before.

L.I.TRA USA is manufacturing and installing professional sunrooms for home and commercial, made from scratch, based on the wishes of our customers. We take care of every single detail, and this means your sunroom will be fit for your area in dimension and size, color and functionality.

You can select different features like very strong transparent PVC or polycarbonate for the covering material, fixed or retractable roof, removable lateral panels, snow melting device for the roof, insulation for the roof and panels and so on.

You don’t have to fear about snow, because our system is heavy snow load proof. Also it is able to resist to strong winds and medium intensity earthquakes.

The sunroom is motorized and is operated by simply pressing a button.

Our products are all year round and you are invited to see yourself their grand advantages and benefits.

Retracting roof conservatory

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Published on: November 17, 2011

Our company is manufacturing conservatories with retractable roof. This will alow you to open and close the roof as you require (ideal for refreshing the area). You also have natural light inside and enjoy lots of their features. Read more on the sunrooms page.

Retracting roof conservatory


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Published on: November 16, 2011

The sunroom is one of our main products. This product is ideal for businesses like terraces. You can open and close the roof (depending on your needs and on the weather conditions) and you can also have natural light on your terrace. Also with a special fabric (which is acting like a retractable awnings, you can provide shade to your area). This way you can combine it depending on your needs and the wish of your customers. For hot days in summer you can open the roof and roll out the awning. If it is not hot, but you still need shade because of the strong sun you just open the awnings. On night you can let the roof open or closed and admire the stars. Best of all, with this system you can use your terrace also in winter.

In this video you can one of our sunrooms:


Restaurant patio enclosures

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Published on: October 13, 2011

Patio enclosure is a great product that can be applied of terraces of restaurant, hotels and other. The structure can be fully insolated and you can also choose between a fixed or retractable roof. All our jobs are custom and we create the product based on your needs.

See here more about patio enclosures

Restaurant patio enclosures


Retractable sunroom

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Published on: August 15, 2011

With retractable sunrooms your experience the best advantages and your customers will enjoy the best conditions and comfort.


Litra is manufacturing customized retractable sunrooms. This way our structures will with all your requirements (size, color, shape etc.)


Retractable sunrooms are ideal for your business by creating a beautiful and relaxing environment for all your customers. During the winter you can protect them from the cold whether, snow and wind.

In the summer you can open  the roof and let fresh air inside (it’s a retractable roof systems, which means that the roof is sliding and you can choose when it should be open or close).

Retractable sunrooms are great also for home. You can use them to extend you living area, and you can enjoy each season into your fresh and protected area.

Patio sunroom designs

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Published on: August 15, 2011

Patio sunroom designs are the result of hard work of our designers. Each Patio sunroom is unique and manufactured according to the needs and the wishes of the customer. We take care of the size, the shape, the color and even other aspects specially selected for your structure.


With this design you definitely attract more customers, and you will increase your profits.

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