Retractable awnings for sukkot holiday

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Published on: August 24, 2012

Sukkot holiday is a Biblical holiday celebrated by Hebrews starting from late September to late October. Because the tools needed for this festival are symbolical dwellings related to the ancient times, our company wishes to present retractable awnings that help to build this dwellings with more protection from bad weather in case it could occur.

The festival takes place during 7 days (8 days for Diaspora) and the forecast for the season is marked by a not so friendly weather that could disturb the religious event. With our retractable awnings the dwellings for the festival can be robust and resistant to rain, wind or solar rays.

The way our retractable awnings are made is a prove of their quality for your celebration to successfully take place. The fabric of resistant canvas is obliquely stretched over a place with the help of some arcs that compose a structure in aluminum that never rusts. The engineering system is patented and this is a guarantee for their quality and gives trust in our brand. You can have completely confidence when you acquire retractable awnings made by Litra.

LITRA Retractable Awnings

For a quit and relaxed celebration, our awnings have the advantage to be retractable that it means they can be used only when the bad weather starts. It can’t be missed to be connected with the nature around when the weather allows.

We also equipped the awnings with mechanisms that make the operation to be very easy and this will ease your actions during this holiday.

So many advantages are found in a solely product that can contribute to a beautiful celebration for your spirit.

Our retractable awnings are that type of constructions that doesn’t involve too much effort to be obtained and can be reused in any other places or occasions.

For an overall picture of the settlement we would like to add that the retractable awning is mounted on the walls, under the roofs or on existing pillars.

We depicted above what makes us distinctive on the market and we state again that you will not find a better offer among our competitors. We wish to make your celebration a memorable one with our products.

For a nice sukkot holiday you can chose the retractable awnings of Litra

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