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Published on: October 10, 2012

The terraces of hotels, restaurants or bars can be enclosed to be protected from strong solar rays, rain, wind or snow.  Businesses will gain value enclosing their terraces with sunrooms. The owner will find profitable this investment because the clients will be more attracted to a safe place with a new design. When you host your customers outside in completely safeness, not eliminating the pleasure of enjoying the nature around, you can make them to love the place and gladly return.

With the transparency of the covering material, the sunrooms meet the preferences of the clients for any season use because the pleasure of watching the natural surroundings in any weather conditions is a desired benefit. It is comfortable to watch outside the landscape in rainy or snowy days when you stay relaxed in a safe place. You can make for you or for your clients this kind of places in the simplest way because our sunrooms are the simplest solution at hand.

Litra Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures
Litra Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

The fact that the sunrooms can make the open spaces to function in cold weather will draw the attention of business owners. Why not to get more profits in winter too like you do in summer season. With our sunrooms you can reach this goal.

Your needs are satisfied with our sunrooms because they are of high quality and are equipped with the last technologies in the area. Our team worked in years to make researches and put all the results together in new products that presently are the most competitive on the market by their performance. All our discoveries are internationally patented and represent the guarantee for the quality of our product. With the patent that it holds, our product makes radically the difference.

Our sunrooms are made particularly for every place and any requirement of the clients. We have available different options at your choice: very strong transparent PVC or polycarbonate for the covering material, fixed or retractable roof, removable lateral panels, snow melting device for the roof, insulation for the roof and panels and so on.

The snow is no more a disturbance because our system is heavy snow load proof. Concerning the wind menace, the system is able to resist to strong winds and medium intensity earthquakes.

Our company is able to manufacture and install sunrooms for home and also for commercial.

The sunrooms are retractable and motorized that make them once more to be different.

You can use in confidence our sunrooms all year round.

Their advantages and benefits will convince you to choose them. You have only to test them!

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