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Published on: November 20, 2012

Selected outdoor places with location on the rooftop of a building are most suitable to be covered with Litra Skylights. Such small spaces come to be the right destination for the skylights when compare with the sunrooms as similar to them.

With their orientation towards the nature capture, either concerning the view, the natural light or the fresh air, the skylight gains the preferences of the people to use them in places of entertain. Though basically the skylight is aimed to protect the outdoor area from rain, wind, snow or strong solar rays, they accomplish this purpose in a more beautiful way than already known.


Litra Skylights
Litra Skylights

What can be more enjoyable than take a cup of coffee on a terrace at the top of the building in a warming and beautiful ambience created with a skylight? Your spare time will be felt full of delight. You will have the chance to watch the sky through the transparent material while sitting on the table under protection from bad weather. The natural light also embraces the place because the transparent material allows to disseminate the light. The terraces will be very much visited all seasons due to this improvement. With clients on the terrace even in cold weather, the businesses reach a much bigger turnover.

The performance of our skylights is supported by our patent that is internationally recognized. You can be sure about their high quality and all the promised benefits. Our brand guarantees for all these.

The difference on the market is already made with no doubt due to our patent. Actually our product is unique in the covering field. It provides the highest protection on the market, it is retractable and can be motorized. The last technologies equip our skylight as to make it the product that answers all the people’s needs in the area.

Litra Skylights
Litra Skylights

The people appreciate that they find the cover that can be used only when necessary due to its retractable feature. The skylight will be opened and closed according to the weather changes. The motorized option brings the comfort that people expect when wish to operate very easy the skylight. And the expectations are really meet because with a simple click the skylight can be opened or closed.

The shapes and dimensions of our skylights will be created for each particular place. We will try to put our creative solutions in accordance with the desires of the clients.

Litra skylights will transform the place in a more attractive one. The pictures of the product are proves for the beautiful projects that we are able to realize.


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