L.I.TRA. Aluminum patio cover

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Published on: June 30, 2011

With all the frames made in aluminum profile and with strong transparent PVC, Plexiglas and polycarbonate instead of glass, L.I.TRA. Patio covers are the ideal accessory for your business. They help you to extend your working space for tables on terraces giving your customers a plus of comfort.

By using aluminum patio covers you can create also a new working place. The system can be also added to your house creating this way an extra living space.

Main advantage of our aluminum patio covers is that you don’t need to waste time to get permissions for building your patio cover. This is considered a temporary structure and the permit is very easy to obtain.


Patio Covers, Sunrooms and other MANTT internationally patented products

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Published on: June 23, 2011

Our MANTT internationally patented product is unique for its special features:

Telescopic system, motorized, that you can open and close as you please.

Structure in aluminum that never rusts100% waterproof (transparent or opaque); heavy snow load endurance, windproof up to 90 mph . It can be heated in winter, cooled in summer. It offers built-in water canalization (drain off) and a 5 year warranty for Standard Classic Design.Fully custom sizeable to accommodate any area.

Lateral panels are fully removable; can be fixed or sliding.


For commercial use- Quick Return of investment and possibility to make business whatever the weather. In case of residential coverings, it adds value to your property. For hotel pools, customer is able to extend pool season and maximize pool investment.

Possibility of easily creating smoking areas.

Not classified as a permanent structure; all-bolted structure can be demonstrated to be fully dismountable.

The obtainment of the permit is very easy, and the taxes are much reduced for enclosures. No special permit or variance required for residential use.

We also manufacture this cutting-edge system thermal insulated; no condensation, soundproof, and for Customized Design- decorative internal layers, colors and logos


Patio cover plans

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Published on: June 22, 2011

All our patio cover plans are adapted to the needs of our customers. We are able to cover any kind of terrace and open space. As our coverings are custom made the size does not matter.

If you need a special covering for your area just apply for a free estimate today:

Click here for the free estimate


Patio cover system

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Published on: June 22, 2011

The patio cover is structure that allows you the cover your patio into an elegant way. It is ideal for businesses as they offer protection against sun, UV rays, rain wind and so on. This is why our system is suitable for restaurant, bars and hotels terraces. Customers can enjoy their staying and they will be happy to come again.

In winter you can use lateral panels making the cover working as a hall, in which you can use a heating system to keep a comfortable temperature.

You also have the advantage of our retractable roof system, which allows you to open and close the roof (the roof is sliding) as you please.

Discover more details and pictures of our patio cover:



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