Retractable Roof for Patio

Expanding your outdoor space with LITRA Retractable Roof for Patio

LITRA help to valorize your patio thanks a unique and revolutionary products able to transform your patio in a beautiful usable life-space. LITRA Retractable Roof for Patio is one of our products can revolutionize your outdoor lifestyle. Thanks our retractable roof for patio, in fact, is possible use your patio all year around because our roof is waterproof and protect you and your patio from rain, strong wind, snow, breeze, and other weather conditions. LITRA Retractable Roof for Patio or Retractable Patio Covers is much appreciated in all USA and Canada, for developed it we use a high-resistance aluminum structure and a fully customizable fabrics, PVC or Polycarbonate as covering materials.

Quality and safety by LITRA for our Retractable Roof for Patio

The high quality of our products guarantees at our Retractable Roof for Patio to resist a wind up to 120 mph, at high snow load and sun. LITRA guarantee their products for five years and our slogan is zero defect zero complaints.

retractable roof for patio commercial applications

For who want an insulated room in his patio or for who want expand his life-space we can offer the combination of Retractable Roof for patio and Screen enclosures (lateral Panels). This combination able to add a new insulated room for your home or your business where you can realize your dreams.

If you have a business you can use the new room for expanding your business space and you can add tables for example in the case of restaurants for your customers. In this case you can increase your profits and your customers with a simple and unique solution.

Retractable roof for patio residential applications

What is Screen enclosure

Screen Enclosures were tested during the Hurricane Florence that swept Bermuda in September 2006, when they resisted winds up to 62 mph. LITRA screen enclosures are not considered permanent structures and you can install or remove it at your please. In the winter for example you can install it for protecting your customer or your patio while during the summer you can remove it for enjoying the sun.

Choose the best, Choose LITRA. LITRA expanding your living space

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21st Century Patio Covers

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Published on: December 12, 2011

Retractable Patio Covers are the best covering solution for your business. You can offer new great advantages to your customers and a huge and different style to your bar, hotel, restaurant or any other business you have.

Our Patio Covers can be also enclosed with so called lateral panels (or side panel enclosures). These panels are also manufactured by us, and they work perfectly with the system. They are using a system that allows them to go one into each other creating these way strong walls, which can be also insulated to conserve the temperature for winter.

Most business owners, especially hotels and bars get huge profits during the summer from their terraces. This is because people like to stay together and enjoy a cafe, a juice or something else. The problem is that in some situations you really loose on your customers. Too much sun can let your customers go inside, and maybe you don’t have enough space inside. Same situation when it rains or in the winter when it’s cold. For this problem it’s needed usually to extend your indoor area, but these can be very expensive and it takes time, and your risk to lose your customers to the competitors.

Our company is able to offer you the ideal product for this situation. A Patio Cover is ideal for all the summer. It will protect your customers from sun, UV rays and rain. For wind protection we have developed a special type of panels, which go on into each other and they fit into the side of the patio cover, creating the way removable walls (we call them side panel enclosures). This way you have no problem with the wind. We also do sliding doors, which you can use on the entry. In winter you just need to heat up the area with conditioned air or another source, and you don’t have to worry about loosing temperature, the structure is fully insulated. With other words you have created a new room for your customers, the diference is that this one is much faster done, cheaper and you don’t need special permits for the installing, as these is a temporary structure.

Metal patio covers give you the ability to use a cover a life long, without having to fear that your cover will be distroid in time like wook. Also o metal you will think that the rust will distoy your structure, but not on our system, because we are using aluminum, which will never rust.

Our structures are made for being used a life long. They can be ideal for home and garden as an extension of living space. During the summer you can ejoy outside the beautiful day, under the protection of the patio cover. The structure will keep away the sun and the UV Rays, also rain will be kept away.

In the cold winter you are usually forced to move in side, but not with our patio covers. With our structure you can make you’re outside being like inside, by using the side panel enclosures (a special system of panels that act like walls). During the winter they can be installed and when summer arrives you can remove them. They are also transparent, which will give you the opportunity to feel inside like outside, even is wind or snow, you can take care of the inside temperature (the side panel enclosures are also thermal insolated so you don’t loose head outside).

Us described above for home, our system can be applied also on commercial spaces. Imagine yourself a terrace which can be full even when it’s winter.

Experience all the great advantages of the Patio Covers of LTRA

This product can be also used for your home.

See here more about Patio Covers.

Retractable patio coverings

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Published on: November 22, 2011

With Patio Covers you can increase the value of your business, but you are also offering grate advantages to your customers. Retractable Patio Covers are equipped with the L.I.TRA. retractable roof system. This system allows you to move the roof forward and backward as you please (up to 50% on a roof with 2 arches, and 66% on a roof with 3 arches).

Retractable patio coverings

It is a great structure for terraces (bars, hotels, restaurants) but also for home and other outdoor spaces where you thing that the structure will fit.

Retractable patio cover – patio covers retractable

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Published on: November 17, 2011

Patio Covers are ideal for your home, but mostly for business.


The retractable Patio Covers are made for covering terraces; this will assure business owners a much larger space for tables, even if outside is hot or cold.

patio covers

L.I.TRA. Aluminum patio cover

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Published on: June 30, 2011

With all the frames made in aluminum profile and with strong transparent PVC, Plexiglas and polycarbonate instead of glass, L.I.TRA. Patio covers are the ideal accessory for your business. They help you to extend your working space for tables on terraces giving your customers a plus of comfort.

By using aluminum patio covers you can create also a new working place. The system can be also added to your house creating this way an extra living space.

Main advantage of our aluminum patio covers is that you don’t need to waste time to get permissions for building your patio cover. This is considered a temporary structure and the permit is very easy to obtain.


Aluminum patio covers

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Published on: June 22, 2011

Patio covers are a great way to increase you living area, commercial space or working area. With wood patio covers you going mostly to have a bad experience because after some years water is really damaging them (wood is very sensible to water, wood swelling is the result).

Here are some typical wood problems.

patio covers - wood problems

You can avoid this only by using another material such as aluminum. Our Patio covers are made of reinforced aluminum profile, which is resistant to strong winds and medium intensity earthquakes.

Go to our website and see more about our patio covers:


Patio cover designs

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Published on: June 22, 2011

Design and style is today’s most important feature for customers. With a modern and stylish terrace you got more attention and this means more customers for you.

You can protect them with L.I.TRA. patio cover system for all kind of bad whether but also you can impress them with the retractable roof system (a roof that is able to slide forward and backward).

In winter to keep warm your customers you can enclose the cover with lateral panels (or side panel enclosures). The lateral panels are made of aluminum profile and very strong transparent PVC instead of glass, making them highly resistant and long lasting. They keep this way the heat inside. The system has also a special area where you can install a heating system such as air condition.


Patio cover system

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Published on: June 22, 2011

The patio cover is structure that allows you the cover your patio into an elegant way. It is ideal for businesses as they offer protection against sun, UV rays, rain wind and so on. This is why our system is suitable for restaurant, bars and hotels terraces. Customers can enjoy their staying and they will be happy to come again.

In winter you can use lateral panels making the cover working as a hall, in which you can use a heating system to keep a comfortable temperature.

You also have the advantage of our retractable roof system, which allows you to open and close the roof (the roof is sliding) as you please.

Discover more details and pictures of our patio cover:


Advantages of our system

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Published on: June 20, 2011

LITRA USA offers a complete line of Thermo Isolated Motorized Telescopic and Retractable Coverings with simple and total enclosure features

Innovative, unique and strategic products for your commercial and residential clientele allow them to expand and enhance outdoor areas, increase their year round income, and add value to their property.

They experience fast return of investment simply and effectively.

See all the benefits of ur system:


LITRA USA’s Garden Roof System

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Published on: June 20, 2011

LITRA USA’s Garden Roof System is a new concept of retractable telescopic awning, which is ideal in every weather condition, and which protects you from the sun and from UV rays, creating, during the summer, a new cool space for you to live every single moment of your day.


LITRA USA’s Garden Roof System is the ideal solution so you can use your veranda even when the weather is not good, with the possibility of closing the veranda using appropriate windproof panels. Because of its peculiar opening and closing system and its great resistance to wind and rain, Garden Roof offers the best solution for you to live your veranda in every weather condition and in a healthy way.


Our LITRA USA’s Retractable Awning System (also know as the American Retractable and Special Awning Systems); are the ideal solution for covering your patios, terraces, and decks. Expanding your house with retractable awnings is like adding a room or a supplementary space, without permanent construction costs. Our retractable awnings are the ideal solution for all situations, especially for shade and it also decorates and embellishes your patio, deck, terrace and outdoor space.

See pictures and more about Garden Roof here:

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