Retractable roof for pools

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Published on: October 8, 2012

The outdoor pools can extend their seasonal use if they are covered with retractable roofs.

In this way the swimming can be practiced even in the cold season. The retractable roof protects the area from rain, wind or snow and leaves the natural light to disseminate inside through a transparent material.

Retractable roof for pools
Retractable roof for pools

The design concept with the transparent parts of the cover is of high visual impact and creates a new esthetic of the pool that matches very well the scenery.

Under the retractable roof you can feel the comfort and pleasure of swimming no matter the weather conditions. When you look from outside the “box of glass”, you will see the clear water inside that invites to swim. It is how it looks even if the material is not glass but just a stronger transparent material similar to it.

Because we denominate the roof to be retractable, it will be opened and closed according to climatic changes. This is a very important advantage of our retractable roof for pools.

For winter we have available side panels that help to totally enclose the pools and protect them in this way from dampness. They will help also to provide thermic isolation.

We promise to make your swim more enjoyable.

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