High Wind and Snow arrive. Prevent it!

Protect your home and your business with an elegant and safe system

“High wind notices remain in actuality for parts of the northern Plains, and wind gusts to 100 mph or more have already been reported for in parts of Washington and Colorado as an intense low-pressure system whips up a huge zone of wind over the northwest and now north-focal segment of the contiguous U.S.”

And again

“A swath from northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota into Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois is covered by winter tempest watches issued by local National Weather Service offices. In the a significant part of the Upper Midwest, this implies a potential for no less than 6 inches of snow in 12 hours, or 8 inches of snow in 24 hours.”

This is the weather warnings issued yesterday for Washington, Colorado and other states. After the “Eternal Spring” the winter is coming…

The wind and the snow as every year arrive in USA but this year we can help you to protect your home and your business from these weather conditions.

how can you protect your property?

We can recommend you some products able to protect your home and your profits from:

  • Rain
  • High Snow load
  • Wind up to 120 mph
  • UV rays
  • and other weather conditions.

The power point of this products is that are ideal for any season. In winter thanks to their insulation you can heat the room and create a comfortable atmosphere for your family or your customers while in the winter you can open the roof (thanks to special sliding system) for enjoying the sun, refresh the room, or for surprise you customer, you can open the roof also for just watch the sky and relax yourself.

For commercial applications LITRA develop 3 special lines

  • Retractable roofs. The Luxury line developed for restaurant, bar, hotel, nightclubs and other business.
  • Commercial retractable Patio Covers. The outdoor protection developed for increase the business space and help you to increase your profits.
  • Retractable Skylight. Also called by our customers the windows on the sky that is a transparent retractable roof for indoor and outdoor.

For residential application LITRA as develop

You can also choose one of the other product for commercial or residential application

All our products are guaranteed for five years and are developed with high-quality material. We sold our product with composition 100% Quality Guaranteed and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

satisfaction guaranteed LITRA

Protect your home and your business from weather conditions and increase the value of your property with a touch of style.

Read more about our products from our website

Retractable Roof for Patio

Expanding your outdoor space with LITRA Retractable Roof for Patio

LITRA help to valorize your patio thanks a unique and revolutionary products able to transform your patio in a beautiful usable life-space. LITRA Retractable Roof for Patio is one of our products can revolutionize your outdoor lifestyle. Thanks our retractable roof for patio, in fact, is possible use your patio all year around because our roof is waterproof and protect you and your patio from rain, strong wind, snow, breeze, and other weather conditions. LITRA Retractable Roof for Patio or Retractable Patio Covers is much appreciated in all USA and Canada, for developed it we use a high-resistance aluminum structure and a fully customizable fabrics, PVC or Polycarbonate as covering materials.

Quality and safety by LITRA for our Retractable Roof for Patio

The high quality of our products guarantees at our Retractable Roof for Patio to resist a wind up to 120 mph, at high snow load and sun. LITRA guarantee their products for five years and our slogan is zero defect zero complaints.

retractable roof for patio commercial applications

For who want an insulated room in his patio or for who want expand his life-space we can offer the combination of Retractable Roof for patio and Screen enclosures (lateral Panels). This combination able to add a new insulated room for your home or your business where you can realize your dreams.

If you have a business you can use the new room for expanding your business space and you can add tables for example in the case of restaurants for your customers. In this case you can increase your profits and your customers with a simple and unique solution.

Retractable roof for patio residential applications

What is Screen enclosure

Screen Enclosures were tested during the Hurricane Florence that swept Bermuda in September 2006, when they resisted winds up to 62 mph. LITRA screen enclosures are not considered permanent structures and you can install or remove it at your please. In the winter for example you can install it for protecting your customer or your patio while during the summer you can remove it for enjoying the sun.

Choose the best, Choose LITRA. LITRA expanding your living space

Visit our official website and request a free estimate

Lateral Panels

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Published on: March 20, 2015

Lateral Panels by LITRA

Lateral Panels – Screen Enclosures for commercial and residential applications

Welcome to the LITRA Blog, thanks for visiting us.
We want present you one of our product which has passed an extreme stress test. This test consisted of a “match” versus a master of karate. After the Hurricane Florence that swept Bermuda in September 2006, when they resisted winds up to 62 mph, we tried the resistance of our Screen Enclosures.

this video is the result of this test

LITRA Screen Enclosures is classified extremely resistant lateral panel. With its innovative structure and the modern design, screen enclosures are the product for all. If you want enclosure your room or, if you think to create a new insulated room for your business or your home this is the products for you. Lateral panel by LITRA is not classified permanent structure and you can install or remove when you want (it’s very very easy), in summer you can remove our panels for enjoy the sun, while in winter you can install it for protect your customers and your profits, or your home/garden. LITRA guarantee their products for five years because our products are developed with the best material to reach zero defects!

Lateral Panels are able to protect your outdoor/indoor space if combined with one of the other products by LITRA

Retractable Roof
Retractable Sunroom
Retractable Skylight
Retractable Patio Cover
Residential Patio Cover
Pergola Cover
Rooftop Enclosure
Pool Enclosure

When you choose to install Lateral Panels you can request an exclusive sliding door. This door is able transform one section of your lateral panels in beautiful sliding door. As well as the Lateral Panels, also the sliding doors aren’t classified permanent structure and you can remove it when you want.

if you are insterest at our screen enclosures (lateral panels) or one of other products request a free estimate or contact us for any questions

Panels for weather protection for sun deck

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Published on: October 10, 2011

Our system is ideal for sun deck protection. The lateral panels we provide are ideal for these. The system is made of strong reinforced aluminum and transparent PVC. The panels go one into each other creating walls this way. Se here more about lateral panels.

lateral panels

lateral panelslateral panels





Motorized enclosures

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Published on: August 23, 2011

Litra is specialized in manufacturing and installing motorized enclosures systems for commercial propose. These systems are ideal for swimming pools, for terraces and other outdoor areas.


What is a motorized enclosure?

A motorized enclosures is a retractable roof system which is completely enclosed, with permanent or removable panels. Most important feature is the retractable roof which is motorized. This way the roof is able to slide forward and backward allowing you to keep the inside heat (during the winter) or to refresh the space by opening the roof. In case of strong sun you can close the roof and remove the panels, this way your area is covered and refreshed.


See more pictures and features of our motorized enclosures on the website.

10 Resons why choose lateral panels

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Published on: July 3, 2011

Here are some reasons why lateral panels are the best selection for your business.

lateral panels

Lateral Panels

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Published on: July 2, 2011

Lateral Panels are made to enclose the garden roof system. Made in aluminum and Plexyglass or Polycarbonate they are strong and resitant agains strong winds and medium intensity earthquakes.

See here more advanatages:

lateral panels

Removable Lateral Panels

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Published on: June 21, 2011

Our “Lateral Panels” are made of a powder coated aluminum frame and highly resistant transparent PVC (Crystal).

We have conceived a modular system of panels very easy to install and remove. The panels interlock with one another by means of patented profiles. They are extremely light (about 5-6 pounds each).

customers install them in 10 minutes and remove them in about  five.

The panels are independent from the upper covering and independent one from another;

Some can be sliding. Being totally removable, they are not considered as a permanent structure.


Our “Lateral Panels” protect from smog, dust and atmospheric agents in general, creating ahealthy environment for your restaurant.


Elegance, style and practicality distinguish this protection system among the many similar products on the market.


CRYSTALTEX ®  – Lateral Panels is a completely dismountable lateral protection system, resistant to winds  It offers protection from smog and air pollution, provides urban decoration and is quick and easy to install.


CRYSTALTEX ®  –  Lateral Panels complies with all US and European regulations, Fire Marshall included.  No need to place sliding rails on the ground.

Therefore, CRYSTALTEX ® ensures easy access for impaired people and it constitutes no danger for children. For these reasons, many towns approve our lateral protection system and include it in their building codes.


Removable Panels

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Published on: May 27, 2011

An extra feature for the Retractable Roof System.

The removable panels alow you to completly enclose the area under your roof creating a space where your customers are protected from wind, snow and cold wheater during the winter season, or even strong rains during summer.

As the name says they can be easyly atached and removed from the retractable roof.
Also an important aspect is that they are using a slinding door system wich is stylish and modern.

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