High Wind and Snow arrive. Prevent it!

Protect your home and your business with an elegant and safe system

“High wind notices remain in actuality for parts of the northern Plains, and wind gusts to 100 mph or more have already been reported for in parts of Washington and Colorado as an intense low-pressure system whips up a huge zone of wind over the northwest and now north-focal segment of the contiguous U.S.”

And again

“A swath from northeast Nebraska and southeast South Dakota into Iowa, southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois is covered by winter tempest watches issued by local National Weather Service offices. In the a significant part of the Upper Midwest, this implies a potential for no less than 6 inches of snow in 12 hours, or 8 inches of snow in 24 hours.”

This is the weather warnings issued yesterday for Washington, Colorado and other states. After the “Eternal Spring” the winter is coming…

The wind and the snow as every year arrive in USA but this year we can help you to protect your home and your business from these weather conditions.

how can you protect your property?

We can recommend you some products able to protect your home and your profits from:

  • Rain
  • High Snow load
  • Wind up to 120 mph
  • UV rays
  • and other weather conditions.

The power point of this products is that are ideal for any season. In winter thanks to their insulation you can heat the room and create a comfortable atmosphere for your family or your customers while in the winter you can open the roof (thanks to special sliding system) for enjoying the sun, refresh the room, or for surprise you customer, you can open the roof also for just watch the sky and relax yourself.

For commercial applications LITRA develop 3 special lines

  • Retractable roofs. The Luxury line developed for restaurant, bar, hotel, nightclubs and other business.
  • Commercial retractable Patio Covers. The outdoor protection developed for increase the business space and help you to increase your profits.
  • Retractable Skylight. Also called by our customers the windows on the sky that is a transparent retractable roof for indoor and outdoor.

For residential application LITRA as develop

You can also choose one of the other product for commercial or residential application

All our products are guaranteed for five years and are developed with high-quality material. We sold our product with composition 100% Quality Guaranteed and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

satisfaction guaranteed LITRA

Protect your home and your business from weather conditions and increase the value of your property with a touch of style.

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Retractable Pergola Covers by L.I.TRA.

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Published on: October 22, 2012

We created pergola covers for clients who wish to be impressed by a special design. The tastes are more and more diversified and pergola comes to be a novelty for sophisticated tastes.

The pergola covers make a change in the scenery embellishing it with their folds that create a beautiful image. Terraces, gardens or other outdoor spaces will be transformed with our pergola into new places more modern that revaluate the beauty of the nature. Our pergola covers are designed to match every place and have an esthetic result.

Pergola Roof by L.I.TRA.
Pergola Roof by L.I.TRA.

The audience will be impressed by the colored folds of the pergola that gradually unfold over the head. The waving movement of the folds expresses warmth and tranquility. These effects will be dominant in the ambiance and will make people to be attracted in these places.

Once the people’s needs of safe and protection are accomplished, the esthetic and ambiance will just comfort your being. The high protection is guaranteed with the international patent that we hold. That is also a recognition for the high quality of our products.

Our discoveries in the covering field meet the people’s expectations. Simple roofs with many updates shelter people in safeness to admire the nature around. The pergola covers are the ones of them that moreover delight the view.

The aluminum structure that never rusts and the PVC cover with special pattern have a contribution to the building of the top product that is our pergola.

Like all of our products the pergola covers can be retractable, can be manual or motorized. When ever they wish, people can open and close the pergola either manual or automatically by pressing a button, up to their desire. The pergola is opened fold by fold according to the weather. At its maximum length it becomes flat and offers complete protection. Places of any size are suitable for our pergola.

Our pergola covers are the improvement that you need for your outdoor places. They bring both safeness and esthetic in your lives.

Retractable roof for pergola

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Published on: November 21, 2011

Pergola is a great structure for home and business. The retractable pergola has greate advantages, which give you a plus of comfort.

Retractable canopy pergola

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Published on: May 31, 2011

The Sliding Roof System is the main product of our company.

This can by adapt to awnings, canopies and also to pergola.

The retractable canopy pergola is an ideal system for home, garden but also for terraces and outdoor areas generally

With these system you can stay outside being protected from sun (canopy pergolas are ideal for providing shade), from rain (our structures are waterproof) and even wind (our structures are also wind resistant)

Fallow this link to see all the features of our Pergolas:



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