Canopy New York, Awning New York

Canopy New York

For New York, our Awning New York, Canopy New York by LITRA

You enjoy spending the time in garden when the weather is warmer, but what happens when becomes a bit too hot?
Hot summer sun and bright intense glare will be a thing of the past when using your Canopy New York that is the stylish shading solution to exchange your home. When making changes to your front yard or backyard, be sure to consider what makes sense for your home and the weather. If you regularly spend time outdoors throughout the year then you will find that a Canopy New York is the ideal choice for you
Canopy New York will become part of your home and serve to enhance your outdoor area weather for quieter relaxing moments or large gathering of friends or family.

Canopy New York

Is any form of small or large weather protection system for a patio, terrace, balcony or garden area, providing shade and giving the space an intimate feel.
The ideal solution to live your veranda even when the weather is not good is garden roof canopy. With the opening and closing system and the great resistance to wind and rain Canopy New York can offer the possibility of closing the veranda using appropriate lateral panels. Ideal in summer, but also in winter when you are using our lateral panels, the backyard canopy add style and value to your house.
Even though landscape and patio space is often overlooked, outdoor renovations and redesigns frequently pack the biggest punch.
Your outdoor space is your first chance to inspire and make an impression on neighbors and guests, so sprucing it up can give your blah house a much-needed boost.
All of our canopy feature strongly constructed and stylish support frames to ensure sturdiness and to guarantee all-weather protection is maintained.
Almost any shape can be achieved Canopy New York add to the comfort and functionality of this superb outdoor room.
Whatever your requirement for sun, wind or rain protection outdoors, LITRA are sure to have a solution even though it may not be apparent initially.

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Awning Supplier, Deck Awning Retractable

Awning Supplier

Deck Awning Retractable By LITRA Awning Supplier

When you want the best quality products, LITRA Awning Supplier is the best choice because can increase your business! Commercial Deck Awning Retractable are used for many applications. They provide beauty are a versatile advertising tool for any business, can be used for office building, restaurants, and awnings for apartment buildings.

The best Awning Supplier

Commercial awnings are decorative, can be unique and durable and help you to expand your commercial structure adding a room or a supplementary space, without permanent construction costs. Your business can use awnings to dress up your building and also to protect your customers from the sun, rain and wind but can use Deck Awning Retractable to personalize and embellishes your patio, deck, balconies and outdoor space. In New York, the best Awning Supplier is LITRA. Residential Awnings are a beautiful and useful addition to your home. They can reduce your energy cost and also provide beauty, shade, and cover from the whims weather. Enjoy the summer while being protected from the sun’s powerful rays creating an outdoor room! Add Awnings NYC to your home to transform it up. Awnings can reduce the total of your energy bill by keeping your home cooler in the summer.

Awning Supplier

Speaking about Retractable Awnings NYC will say that can add elegance, style and value to your home or business. Easy to use, just touching a button, the retractable awnings our awnings got you covered and give the possibility to stay cool on a hot day protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Is a motorized Awnings system and offer the possibility to open and close us you please thanks to the sliding systems. Take control of the sun and your outdoor living space with the Awnings NYC from LitraUSA !

Choose the best Awning Supplier in USA choose LITRA

Description of L.I.TRA USA ’s M.AN.T.T. & Garden Roof Canopies

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Published on: June 21, 2011

1)      The structure is made of aluminium profiles which can be powder coated in different colors and it’s been designed to meet the needs of urban decoration.

The structure is bolt connected. Nothing is welded. This means that the structure can be quickly removed.


2)      The covering material is PVC.

The covering system meets the building codes and regulations because the material used:

–         is 100% waterproof;

–         is fire resistant ( Californian Fire Marshall)

–         provides UV protection


City of Los Angeles, New York, Greenwich ( CT )  already approved Litrausa covering system


Retractable Canopies

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Published on: April 18, 2011

The M.A.N.T.T. Telescopic Enclosures and Trackless telescopic enclosures system are considered by our customers as an essential support for their businesses. It is the ideal solution for covering wide spaces such as terraces or patios of restaurants, hotels, private houses, resorts or swimming pools. With a simple click you can open your Telescopic Motorized Canopy or Telescopic awnings and enjoy the warmth of the sun, or close it completely in a few seconds, thus protecting your clients and yourselves from sudden weather changes. The choice is yours and yours alone now. The weather won’t ever decide for your clients’ comfort! Protected from wind, rain, snow and humidity, thanks to the thermic and acoustic isolation of our telescopic coverings you can live the sunshine when and how you prefer. Please, discover the great advantages of M.A.N.T.T. Telescopic Motorized Canopies and Telescopic Awnings system!



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