How much do retractable pool covers

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Published on: November 22, 2011

Usually with a pool you can cover the 3 seasons of summer, and some parts of the last moth of spring and the first month of autumn. That’s it, 4 moths of 12 you can get profit out of your pool. Even those maybe not, it can be a raini day, cold weather, wind or other things that will force you to close your pool for a day or even more.

You can change this by using pool enclosure. The pool enclosures from LITRA offer you all the requirements you need to be able to run your pool throw the summer without problem, but also the rest of the seasons, or even in winter.

retractable patio covers

Another feature of our pool cover is that they are retractable. This will alow you to open or close the pool as you please.

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