3 Cover Patio Ideas To Shade Your Space

3 Cover Patio Ideas To Shade Your Space

Get Cover Patio Ideas for backyard shade structures

Covered patios are great when the day turns a little rain or the sun is shining a little too bright.
There are numerous ways to cover a patio (some example of Cover Patio Ideas): awnings, pergolas, or patio covers.
Cover for Patio and shade cover for patio are the perfect way of enjoying the outdoors even when the conditions outside are less than appealing. In the heat of summer, you can relax and entertain outdoors without being overwhelmed by the sun. Shade cover for patio also extends the season through fall and winter. If your structure is built with a retractable roof or even insulated sides, you can enjoy a peaceful winter morning sipping tea, untouched by rain or snow.

What we think are the best Cover Patio Ideas To Shade Your Space

First place for: Retractable Patio covers

This type of Cover Patio Ideas are the product that transform the patio into a new modern place where it will be pleasant to spend time admiring in safeness nature around. This Outdoor Patio Cover are the best solutions for getting Cover Patio Ideas to implement them in your home or in your business outdoor space. Retractable Patio covers are a manual retractable outdoor roof that you can open or closed at your please

source: Retractable patio cover gallery

Second place for: Fixed Patio Covers

Fixed Patio covers are similar to Retractable Patio Cover, except they aren’t equipped a sliding system. This can be great for who want just cover their outdoor area, but, in this case, you can’t enjoy the sun in the summer (except in the case where you choose to install a sunroom). The fixed patio cover is a very nice choice for who want elegance with classic style.

Third place for Shade Awning structures

Shade Awning Structures and Canopies are the ideal solution for covering your patios, terraces, and decks. With these structures, you can expanding your house and adding a supplementary space. Ideal for the summer or for outdoor activity

source: awnings gallery

If you like on of the Cover Patio Ideas we recommend you to request a free estimate or a free consultancy with LITRA one of the manufacturers that develop and install high-quality products for outdoor since 1958. Our products are guaranteed for five years and with us you have the assurance that you have chosen the right product for you.

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LITRA expanding your living space!

Pergola Patio Covers, Pergola Patio Covers Ideas

Pergola Patio Covers by LITRA

For your home and your business Pergola Patio Covers Ideas by LITRA

Pergola Patio Covers are designed to protect you against the weather elements (rain, snow, wind etc).

They could be attached to the rear end of the house or they could be free standing. (see more here).

Pergola Patio Covers

LITRA Pergola Patio Covers are not considered permanent structures and in future when you want you can remove it without problem for your home or your business.

Pergola Patio Covers are ideal for those who want increase the value of their home and it could be a private retreat a place wherein you could relax and unwind or it could be the focal point of your house with attractive lighting and columns.

Or if you install it in a business you can use our Pergola Patio Covers for attract more customers and increase your profits. Beautiful style, retractable system and the capacity to expanding your business space are only some attributes that you can see in LITRA Pergola Patio Covers.

The Pergola Patio Covers are fully retractable and its cover is made of high rated PVC (PVC pergola). This way Litra Pergola covers will allow you to open and close the roof as you need.

LITRA Pergola Patio Covers

Pergola Patio Covers are considered four season pergola covers because are able to protect you for all year around. During the winter, you can close LITRA pergola cover for protect your patio or your customers from rain, snow, strong wind (up to 120 mph) and other weather conditions while, during the summer you can protect your customers or your home from UV rays and other harmful rays. Our Pergola Patio Covers are able to create an additional insulated room if combined with our special screen enclosures (click for read more about our screen enclosures).

Pergola Patio Covers by LITRA

Pergola Patio Covers isn’t expensive and all people can install them in their home or in their business. The standard Pergola cover for a little patio is very cheap while the big retractable Pergola Patio Cover for big backyard is more expensive but less expensive than other roofs.

There are simple to elaborate patio roof designs.

If you are willing to spend any amount of money on patios then go for pergola patio covers which have all the latest features like remote operated heat, light and shade control.

Whatever design you choose remember it should seamlessly blend with the architecture of your house and not look hideous and out of place.

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Metal patio covers by L.I.TRA.

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Published on: June 30, 2011

The structures Patio covers made in galvanized or stainless steel are better that patio covers made in wood. That’s why L.I.TRA. makes Patio covers of such metals. This way you will never fear of rot or wood swelling and shrinking. Not galvanized steel can also rust, and it’s needed to paint the structure from time to time to protect it, as the wood.

But our system does not need such maintenance. Our patio covers are made in strong reinforced aluminum profile. The aluminum will guarantee that the structure will never rust. Aluminum is very easy to maintain and it’s not needed to paint it or other thinks like this. Occasionally it’s needed to clean it up, but these because of the dust.

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Metal patio covers – advantages and disadvantages

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Published on: June 22, 2011

It’s true, wood patio covers have advantages in sense of style (they give to your house a rustic and stylish classic view) and they may be also cheaper.

What after a few years? As you can see in the picture rain and air humidity is affecting the wood structure, making it even rotten, and the result is that you have to spend money again in building another. Strong wind can even break it.

wood problems

Why don’t use aluminum right from the start. Our systems are using an reinforced aluminum profile capable to resist to strong winds and medium earthquakes. Also our structure will never rust or rotten as wood, with other words it will stay there as long as you want.

aluminum advanatages

Also the aluminum patio covers can be designed and painted as you need them, increasing the value of your house and protecting you from sun, wind or rain.

For businesses it’s the ideal accessory. You can offer protection to customers and also a cool space where they can relax during the hot days.

In winter or cold whether you can quickly enclose the area with the special designed lateral panels, creating an area similar to a room. The difference is that you can let it open and closed.

The roof is working similar. By using a sliding roof system the roof is able to slide forward and backward allowing you to open and close the roof. This way you can impress your customer but also you can offer them special conditions.

We are using powder coated aluminum. The powder coating on the aluminum helps to enhance the ability of the metal to resist corrosion and damage from the elements. This property of the material is ideal for outdoor projects.

We are also using galvanized steel. Galvanized steel has gone through a chemical process to keep it from corroding. The steel gets coated in layers of zinc because rust won’t attack this protective metal.



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