Retractable roofs for any hospitality business

Litra Retractable roofs for any hospitality business are the best choice for any outdoor area. Many businesses mainly in the hospitality industry which have an outside area (a patio, a garden, a rooftop) can not use the outdoor space because of adverse weather conditions. The solution for these weather conditions is the LITRA four season Retractable Roof. Many gardens and rooftops are not used in winter because of the cold weather, snow, wind and those areas are dead taxed capital. Now with LITRA Retractable Roofs you can solve all these problems and use your outdoor area all year around with style. For example if you have booked an event outside and the weather is uncertain, now you can have the right product to protect your guests. The Retractable Roofs made by LITRA offer all kinds of protection, for example we offer an insulated, motorized, innovative, attractive, unique, healthy and safe Retractable Roof.
Litra USA Retractable roofs are designed for any type of weather and perform greatly with snow, rain, wind and are ideal for nightclub, rooftop enclosure, restaurant enclosure, hotel enclosure or swimming pool enclosure. LITRA Motorized Enclosures are Retractable Roofs that you can open and close as you please just by a simple click.
Retractable roofs
LITRA Retractable Roofs (First Class System Motorized Enclosures) is 1/3 fixed and 2/3 retractable. In special conditions our Retractable Roof can be 1/4 fixed and 3/4 retractable. With a simple click you can open and close retractable enclosures and enjoy the summer and sunny days or keep the retractable enclosures closed and be protected from sudden rain, strong wind, pollution, snow, breeze. Litra Retractable Roofs are tested to resist winds up to 120 mph. Furthermore, our product can be heated in winter and cooled in summer for the utmost comfort. It is also equipped with an integrated drainage system that collects and carries out the rainwater. A multi-layered, highly resistant patented system called Stratustex is available upon request. It prevents condensation and thermally insulates the enclosure for total comfort in all seasons. Litra Retractable roofs for any hospitality business have the advantage of enjoying the outdoors while still being protected from adverse weather conditions.

Rooftop enclosures motorized and manual

Rooftop enclosures motorized and manual are the best solution for any outdoor area. When the heat is excessive in summer, the Litra USA Rooftop enclosures can be cooled, in reverse during winter, it can be heated, for the utmost comfort. It is also equipped with an integrated drainage system that collects and carries away rainwater. The Rooftop enclosure has a powder-coated aluminium structure that never rust.
The covering is wind resistant up to 120 mph and can withstand heavy snow loads. It can be heated in winter and cooled in summer, therefore providing all the best conditions for enjoying a rooftop view. It is equipped with a built-in water canalization system. A multi-layer system named stratus-tex, that doesn’t allow condensation, is available on request.
Rooftop enclosures
There is endless potential for any hospitality business with the Litra USA Rooftop enclosures, because it magnifies the experience of outdoor dining. Customers can enjoy the comfort of fully enclosed terrace, while still enjoying the rooftop view. The fixed version of our Retractable Roof offers protection from strong wind, rain, snow and other adverse weather conditions.
Litra USA Telescopic Roof system is trackless (no rails on the ground) and can be customized to accommodate any area. It doesn’t need any platform foundation and it can be equipped with screen enclosures. Lateral panels are independent from the roof, fully removable and can be fixed or sliding. The structure is fully removable and it’s not classified as permanent.
The Litra USA lateral panels can be opened or fully removed to let air breeze through, in summer, while they also can be closed. This way, the terrace can be heated in winter, spring or fall. High quality lateral panels that imitate glass offer the possibility of enjoying the view, while cozing up in a heated terrace. Rooftop enclosures motorized and manual is a product of the utmost quality for any hospitality business.

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