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Published on: June 21, 2011

Our “Lateral Panels” are made of a powder coated aluminum frame and highly resistant transparent PVC (Crystal).

We have conceived a modular system of panels very easy to install and remove. The panels interlock with one another by means of patented profiles. They are extremely light (about 5-6 pounds each).

customers install them in 10 minutes and remove them in about  five.

The panels are independent from the upper covering and independent one from another;

Some can be sliding. Being totally removable, they are not considered as a permanent structure.


Our “Lateral Panels” protect from smog, dust and atmospheric agents in general, creating ahealthy environment for your restaurant.


Elegance, style and practicality distinguish this protection system among the many similar products on the market.


CRYSTALTEX ®  – Lateral Panels is a completely dismountable lateral protection system, resistant to winds  It offers protection from smog and air pollution, provides urban decoration and is quick and easy to install.


CRYSTALTEX ®  –  Lateral Panels complies with all US and European regulations, Fire Marshall included.  No need to place sliding rails on the ground.

Therefore, CRYSTALTEX ® ensures easy access for impaired people and it constitutes no danger for children. For these reasons, many towns approve our lateral protection system and include it in their building codes.


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