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Published on: June 16, 2011

The retractable cover field is our main activity. We develop retractable covers for restaurants, bars, hotels and all kind of outdoor spaces.

Most common applications are retractable roofs, patio covers and sunrooms.


All of them using our retractable cover system (a roof that is able to slide forward and backward, giving you the ability to control the whether into your terrace).


You can protect with our system your customers and also you can attract then all year around because our system is designed to include the lateral panel system. This panel made of strong transparent pvc and aluminum frame go one into each other creating walls similar to the glass of a solarium.

Natural light can this way still come inside, but the wind and cold whether not. With an air conditioned system you can assure that your customers will feel well. Not only that you add an extra room to your business, but you also spend less time and money to get permissions for construction as this system is considered a temporary structure.


Some picture:

retractable covers

retractable covers

retractable covers


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