The winter is coming, protect your business whit our Motorized Enclosures.

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Published on: September 12, 2014

Good evening to all, we write today to introduce our winter solution for your business.

If come in the winter ice, snow and wind arrive causing problem at your business, we propose a solutions. With the Litra USA motorized enclosures you leave all problem relative at winter season.

Choose the Litra Motorized Enclosures and save your profits..

Do you have a Restaurant, hotel or banquet hall? Use our roofs for garden and don’t renouncing at the beauty of your garden.

Fulfilled customer and increase your revenue with Litra USA motorized enclosures. Our product are guaranteed versus wind(aluminum structure that provides utmost security) and snow(whit a system can withstand heavy snow loads)

examples of Litra USA motorized retractable roofs:

motorized enclosures
LITRA motorized enclosures

Don’t miss the opportunity to have the best, use Litra products and increase your profits.

Surprise your customers: our motorized enclosures open and close just touching a button allowing the roof to move us you please.

Don’t miss our winter offers visit and ask for free estimates.

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