Retractable Roofing – Manufacure and Instaler of Retractable Roof Systems

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Published on: April 21, 2011

Litra USA is manufacturing and installing Retractable Roof Systems for commercial businesses (like hotels, restaurants and others) but also for individual porposes.

Our structures are great for covering teraces. These way you can offer your customers a sit under the refreshing shadow in hot summer days. Also you can protect them from wind, rain and for the winter season you can attach lateral panels (or side panel enclosures) which will make your outdoor space like a different room of your business. With other words you can expand your commercial space and in the same time you can chose if you want the sun to come in or stay out.

Swimming Pool have also advantages by these system. By using a retractable roof system with lateral panels you can use your pool even during the winter season, which will definitly increase your income in that period.

See Pictures Here: Pool Enclosures

The M.A.N.T.T. Retractable Roof System – Benefits

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Published on: September 16, 2010

Retractable Enclosures – Benefit:

Retractable Enclosures: protection from sun, UV rays, wind, rain, snow, humidity and noise:
Sun: our Patio Covers provide a high protection from sun, UV rays and sun’s rays; ideal for sunroom. In summer retractable roofs are the ideal solution for tourist businesses such as restaurants, hotels, camping, bars, swimming pools, sunrooms and porch enclosures.


Wind: by covering an open space with an Deck Enclosure you could dine in the open air in total relax. We have especially designed a product named Wind Stop which proves to be ideal for restaurants on the Hudson river, open-aired bars, and cocktails while leaning on the swimming pool edge.


Rain and dampness: with our retractable enclosures and retractable roof you can enjoy the cool air during the summer evenings without fearing sudden showers and dampness. Moreover, they prove to be useful in expanding the space of your restaurant.


Noise: Patio Roof with removable side enclosures (retractable enclosure) reduces the outside noise and it is the ideal solution for covering and protecting the tables of restaurants or bars with motorized telescopic enclosures.
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