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Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures by LITRA

LITRA Patio Roof Styles. The best Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

The perfect solution for all projects of development of your business are Sunrooms and patio enclosures.

Your space become more comfortable and it is possible to enjoy the view protected from wind, rain, sun, humidity and noise.

Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures

Their easy use and functionality make the most for your patio, add an additional space to your house or business and increase the value of the property. It’s just like creating a new room without incurring the enormous costs of a permanent building and at the same time adding value to your property.

Modern, revolutionary and innovative create a cozy atmosphere, increases the aesthetic and commercial value and offers the opportunity to enjoy an environment of bright all year, regardless of weather conditions.

Certainly tempting and fascinating, with the advantage of being surrounded by nature but in the same time being protected in intimacy.

sunrooms and patio enclosures

They will allow you to accommodate your customers all the year, adding value to your business, developing and increasing the style, comfort, design and yours turnover, with the return of the investment guaranteed.

Cutting-edge and high quality with unique advantages such as: motorized, sliding, telescopic, mobile, fixed or retractable roofs, PVC, poly carbonate, transparent or opaque, and can also be provided with side locks removable or rather whit side panels easily removable and do not need any special maintenance except for occasional cleaning.

Focusing on quality, the aesthetics and high strength can be equipped with professional soundproofing systems that greatly reduce the transmission of sound, wind resistant, designed to prevent the formation of condensate, equipped for the installation of heating systems and air conditioning, the mechanisms are self-lubricating, are anti seismic and hurricane proof and can be equipped with a device for melting snow.

They are made with materials from the best-known manufacturers in the world and, certainly, today, with the highest quality / price ratio on the market.

Every single closure is built from zero with the possibility that size, color, material, shape can be setup as you want.

Visit website and discover the very innovative sunrooms and patio enclosures.

Your success is guaranteed with the new revolutionary concept Patio Roof Styles LITRA USA, ideal for all weather conditions, the right solution to begin to enjoy life in four seasons.

The Wall Street Journal Talk About Our Skylight

The Wall Street Journal Talk About Our Skylight

Our skylights are loved by The Wall Street Journal

If you aren’t a new visitor of our website surely you know that the quality and the style of our products it is a source of pride for us. For this reason from the 1958 we develop the best retractable roof in USA and Canada, our engineers work steadily for maintain the high standard who distinguishes us.

We were happy when we read that the Wall Street Journal had written about us. Click here for read their article.

The Wall Street Journal Talk About Us

They have appreciated our skylight. LITRA skylight is a motorized or manual retractable roof that you can open or close at your please (Retractable Skylight with a motorized system can be easily opened and closed with a simple click of a button). Our skylight consists in removable sliding modular panels, with an aluminum structure and highly resistant PVC, polycarbonate and Plexiglas coverings material.


The summer is incoming and all people start to search their area of relaxation where enjoy the sun after a job day. Some people choose to relax in a veranda other people in a patio but the breeze and insects may disturb you. Thanks to our sunroom or our skylight you can create a new room or modify a pre-existing room for realize a new relaxing room where you can enjoy the sun and rest you.

Thanks to retractable system these roofs are ideal in all situation when you want a natural-light, when you protect your home or your business from weather conditions, when you want just enjoy the sun. In all type of situations you can open or close our skylight and realize your wish.

All products by LITRA are guaranteed for five years and you can fully customize it.

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Creative Sunrooms at L.I.TRA. USA

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Published on: September 10, 2012

Our Sunroom is the creative solution for those who want to exploit at best their outdoor space (patio, terrace or garden). For the fact they offer total protection from wind, rain, sun and so on, the sunroom has a big advantage compared with the fix awnings.

We build our sunroom with very good materials like aluminum for the structure and highly resistant PVC, polycarbonate and Plexiglas for the cover. At a big scale the sunroom is made from removable sliding modular panels.

Sunroom additions can be equipped with a motorized system that makes the operation easy to effectuate just by pressing a button. In this way, businesses such as restaurants, bars, pubs, banquet halls, reception halls and hotels will find our products to be ideal for their development.

Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.
Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.

Our sunroom ideas had results in products that are anti-seismic and anti-hurricane. These performances were tested and proved to be indestructible.
Other important features of our sunrooms related to their effect of protection are the following:  waterproofresistant to UV rays and protection from pollution. Because they put a barrier to every harmful factor they create inside a pleasant atmosphere.

We use for our sunroom (solar roofing systems) a system that collects the water from rain or snow and drains it into the public canalization. The place inside the sunroom is protected in this way and you will not be touched by water.

Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.
Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.

The price of the sunroom is function of dimensions and every improving feature except for waterproof, long lasting, retractable, motorized, UV protection, hurricane resistance, anti seismic, removable, wind resistant, which are by default.

The sunroom is opened and closed with a sliding movement of the parts using a rail system.

We make available for choice 2 options: the fixed sunrooms patio enclosures and the similar product that is motorized.

We can produce the sunroom with the availability for opening side by side or from the center to the side. When you need to enclose the place totally we offer lateral panels in addition to the sunroom. With the lateral panels you will create a place that can attract customers even in the cold season.

Our sunroom can be equipped with an awning for shade that is added in the interior part. Houses, swimming pools, a hot tub, Jacuzzi or gardens will become with our sun tunnel or solar roof the pleasant ambiance where to spend nice living moments hiding in the shade from too strong solar rays.

Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.
Sunrooms by L.I.TRA.

The design of our polycarbonate roofing systems is in compliance with the M.A.N.T.T and M.A.S.A.W patented system.

Our professional team of architects is ready to put at your disposal sunroom plans and sunroom pictures and offer consultancy from the beginning till the end of your project to get you completely content.

With Sunrooms kits you will add a cover to your property as easy and simple as you can’t imagine a construction can be added. With a sunroom improvement your house will have style. Moreover, your open spaces will be much more effective when using them for relax even when the weather is bad.

You will feel inside a sunroom like in the middle of the nature (see pictures of sunrooms). 

Sunroom additions

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Published on: July 21, 2011

Make the most of your house by using sunroom additions to extend your living space. Not only that you create a new area, but you are also protected from wind, snow, rain and so on.


Inside the sunroom addition of your house you can relax and enjoy each day, even if summer or winter, and you can feel like outside.


Video of our Sunroom additions

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Published on: July 1, 2011

In this video you can see how our sunroom aditions are working and performing.

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